Heritage Rough Rider .22LR Review

Heritage Rough Rider .22LR Revolver Review

The Heritage Rough Rider 22LR is a single action revolver like many iconic revolvers of the old west. A six shooter that is good for plinking, target shooting and small game. I really enjoy the feel of this pistol and the nice finish. Its just a good looking revolver that is fun to shoot and it is quite accurate with none to very little recoil. This is a great firearm for any beginner shooter, collector or hobbyist.

Unloading and reloading however can be quite meticulous, you will need both hands. Gently pull the hammer slightly back and use the tube to gently remove the empty shell casings, once they are removed you can use the same method to begin to reload.

I really enjoyed shooting this weapon a while back with my father before he passed away in March of 2017. His best friend Tommy really admired the Heritage Rough Rider so I decided that he should have it.


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