How to check PF balance online

Step 5  Enter your PF number.  Let us suppose your PF number is  PY BOM 10234 18945
Here 10234 Is Establishment Code And 18945 is Account Number            Enter your name             Enter your mobile number​

Select checkbox I agree and click on Submit button You can check your PF balance online any time if you have your PF number with you. Follow below given steps to know your PF balance.Step 1 Go to official website of Employee Provident Fund OrganisationStep 2 You will see a link bottom of page. Just click on that link.​​​​​​​​

Step 6  Now you will see screen like below and after 1 min you will receive message on your mobile number . This message will show you EE amount which Employee contribution and ER amount which Employer contribution separately . In message you can also see details like upto which date your account is updated.
If you find employer contribution and employee contribution different and If you are thinking it should be same then you should read article  how to Calculate PF amount Step 4  Now you need to select your EPFO office name. If your are not sure which office you need to select then you can find this detail in your PF number . For example my number is  PY BOM 10234 18945  . Here BOM is my office code.  So from list I will select office BOMMASANDRA for which BOM is office code.”If you like this article and think it would be valuable to your friends, share it. You can share this article in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. To share it simply click on below given button.​”Step 3  A new page will be open. In this page first you need to select State of India in which your PF account is register. Normally it will be in the state in which you have your office. For example I am working in Bangalore then in this case I will select state Karnataka


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