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Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft office and is widely

used among Professional to perform various tasks. And also it comes first when

we say or looking for how to count characters in file or MS word. So I made a

tutorial to evidence at you can also count characters in MS office whether it

is 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2018.

Task to perform count details of any group of characters is

handy and can be performed easily.

So how do I count the characters available in MS word file?

There are simple steps that we have mentioned here and you

can use or implement with any version of MS office,

First of all, select the text area for which you want to

count characters.

Now go to toolbar and select word count from drop down menu.

ms office character count dialog box

ms office left bottom option

Select text and go bottom menu on MS office and see at left


Push small word option and dialog will be shown showing no

of characters with spaces and without spaces

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