How To Embed Facebook Posts On Your Website

Last year, Facebook introduced a new feature that allows you to embed posts on your website or blog. Initially, this feature was only available for limited users or publishers such as CNN, Mashable and Huffington post. The social networking giant has now enabled this feature for all users.

You can embed any content that is shared on Facebook Pages and personal profiles, provided that the content author has set the visibility of that post to Public. It means if you’ve posted something and made it visible by only your friends, then you’ve to change the audience selector to Public.

Alternatively, you can also Code Generator technique on

to embed the post on your websites. You need to paste the URL of a Facebook post, click on the “Get Code” button and copy the HTML version of the embed code. While using method, you will get the warning on the Facebook page that says “embedded Posts are currently available to a handful of news publishers”, but it can be ignored as the generated embed code works fine on Facebook for any public post.

Note: If you embed a post and later on the content owner deletes the post or changes it, then it’s no longer a public post and it will not appear on your website. Instead of that, you will see a message that post is no longer available.

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