How to Hack WhatsApp Account? (Easiest Way)

how to hack whatsapp

Today we will discuss 3 most easy methods on how to hack Whatsapp account. Maybe you are interested in reading the chats of your friends/relatives or someone else.  Well it is super easy even if you don’t have any technical background.

Everybody knows that WhatsApp is end to end encrypted and there is no serious loophole, vulnerability and any security bug in WhatsApp. But due to WhatsApp account setup mechanism, we can use WhatsApp on more than one device and we are going to exploit this feature to hack into someone else’s WhatsApp account.

Requirements :

  1. Victim’s smartphone ( Just for 2 minutes )
  2. Internet connection (In your phone and in victim’s phone )

So let’s start.

Disclaimer : Although This post teaches you how to hack a Whatapp account, it is just for educational purpose. We are not encouraging you to hack someone’s privacy. Doing this is an offense. We also want to warn and remind you that “Don’t leave your smartphone with strangers”.

METHOD I : ( Easiest and Quick )

Web share method –

  1. Open Google chrome on your smartphone and select “Request desktop site” option in chrome’s menu.
  2. Search for web.whatsapp and open the first link – “”. And you will see a web page containing a QR code.
  3. Now take victim’s smartphone and open his/her WhatsApp account and tap on 3 dots in the top-right corner and select “WhatsApp Web” option.
  4. Camera scanner will open. Now, scan that QR code created in your chrome browser.
  5. Wait for few seconds and your chrome browser will automatically login victim’s WhatsApp account.

Now, you have full access to Victim’s account.👍


METHOD II : (For locked device)

If your target has a screen lock on his/her device then just create a new WhatsApp account on your smartphone using his/her WhatsApp mobile number.

Whatsapp will send a verification code via SMS or CALLS. Here choose to get the verification code via ‘call’ because you can’t read SMS on the lock screen but you can receive a call on the lock screen.

Enter the code and WhatsApp will login into victim’s account on your phone.


METHOD III : (In case of App lock on WhatsApp)

If you have access to victim’s phone but you can’t open his/her WhatsApp due to app lock on WhatsApp, then download “Backup text for Whats” in victim’s device from play store. This app converts all the  WhatsApp chat backup in a readable text file.

Now open this app and tap on “export to storage” option. And a .txt file will create in his/her SD card.

You can send this file to yourself. Open this file and read all chat in text format.

Note:- Using this method you can only read old messages but can’t have a full access to the victim’s WhatsApp.

Share this info with your friends and family members.

Do you know any other way to do this? Tell us, in the comments section below.

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