How To Jailbreak iPhone iPad and Other iOS devices For FREE

What is Jailbreaking ?

Jailbreaking is the process by which and iphone firmware is modified to run  unsigned code in order to gain access to files that Apple wouldn’t normally let you access. Jailbreak basically allows you to free your iOS device from Apple’s restrictions to let you install anything you want. Via Jailbreak you add unofficial application installers to your iPhone like Cydia, which let you download many 3rd-party applications that are previously unavailable through app store.

Is Jailbreaking Legal ?

Jailbreaking is completely legal in US since July 2010 when US government passed a rule making jailbreaking  legal. Earlier to this, it was considered illegal. Even if you don’t live in US, there is a very small chance that Apple would sue you for jailbreaking you iPhone. So you don’t need to worry about it. Why Jailbreak iPhone Jailbreak lets you install apps that are not approved by Apple. Many of this apps are of your interest and great use, you they are not available at App Store due to Apple’s restrictions.

Main Reasons for jailbreaking your iPhone:

Install 3rd party applications that are rejected by Apple.

Be able to unlock your iPhoneTo use cracked App Store apps for free

Why Not To Jailbreak iPhone

The only reason to not to jailbreak is that it voids your warranty. But this is also not a problem as you can always restore your iPhone in iTunes. This will restore your iPhone back to factory settings.

By doing this, Apple will never get to know about the jailbreak of your device and hence it won’t void your warranty.

We can Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 with Evasion 1.4. Recently an upgrade to iOS 6.1.2 was launched and in support of this Evasion 1.4 was released for the jailbreak iOS 6.1.2. Before jailbreaking your device, make sure that the passcode of your device is disabled. Or else it might create some problems during the jailbreak. Also, you must make sure that upgrade to iOS 6.1.2 was done via iTunes update rather than by OTA update.

Follow the following steps for Jailbreak iPhone iOS 6.1.2:

Step 1: Download evasion 1.4. Evasion is available for Mac, Windows or Linux.

Step 2: Just save the evasion app and run it.

Step 3: Firstly connect your iOS device to evasion and make sure that evasion detects your device. Evasion works for any iOS 6 firmware from iOS 6.0 to iOS 6.1ce.2.

Step 4: Click on the Jailbreak button and jailbreak process will begin. Be patient throughout the entire process as your device many reboot many times.

Step 5: Evasion will ask you to unlock your device. Just tap the Jailbreak icon on your Home screen once. Make sure that you tap on the screen just once.

Step 6: After Evasion completes the process, you will be able to click the Exit button. But there are still some more steps that iOS device needs to complete. So don’t touch your device.

Step 7: When the Jailbreak finishes, just unlock your device and open Cydia app on your Home screen. Cydia may take 2 to 4 minutes to initialise. Your device will respring again once the initialisation completes.

Step 8: Now reopen Cydia and select Hacker. Jailbreak of your iOS 6.1.2 device is complete. Now enjoy your newly jailbroken iOS device running on iOS 6.1.2.

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