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How to Put Line on a Baitcasting Reel

A Look at Spooling a Baitcasting Reel

So it’s the start of the season and you have decided to replace the line on a baitcasting reel…what next? The line on your reel should be replaced at least once every season; with frequent use the line should be replaced more often. All you need to spool the reel is a new spool of fishing line. A pencil or reel filling station to hold the new spool may also be helpful; reel filling stations can be purchased at your local tackle shop.

First, remove the old line and thread the new line through the rod guides. Tie the new line to the spool on the reel. At this point, put the pencil or reel filling station into the new spool if you have either one. Another good alternative is to have a friend hold the spool adding a little tension while installing the new line.

Next, crank the baitcaster to loop the line around the reel’s spool until it is filled to a quarter of an inch from the outer rim. Make sure the line feeds from the top of the supply spool in order to prevent the line from getting twisted. Feel free to use a significant amount of pressure while filling the reel. Twists and tangles which can later foul the line are easily avoided by winding the line tightly. If the line looks loopy or tangled more pressure is needed.

If you’re just starting out, baitcasting are also referred to as “conventional reels.” Baitcasting reels are mounted above the rod of a fishing pole as opposed to “spinning reels,” which are normally mounted underneath the rod and require different spooling methods.

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