How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document


Microsoft Word program is provided with an Auto Recover system that permits you to save the types of untimely crashes. Thus, when you get some types of computer crashes such as the untimely shut down of your Microsoft Word program, or an unintentional deletion of your document, the Auto Recover system will make you calmer. Some modifications you make in the program’s options will make you able to get back your own unsaved documents. Follow this tutorials so you know How to Recover Unsaved Word Document:

1. Simply open the “File Locations” tabs to recover your lost document, and click “AutoRecover” to get a listing of recovered documents. Find your own document, open, examine and save it.

2. To change your options to Auto Recover every document you write, open your Microsoft Word program, and choose “Tools” from the top tab menu on the program.

3. Click “Options” on the drop-down “Tools” menu, and choose “Save AutoRecover.”

4. Insert the amount of time you want to pass between every AutoRecover, and click “OK.”

5. Click the “File Locations” options in the “Tools” menu, and click “AutoRecover.” In this menu, choose a folder where to save your recovered files and your documents is going to be saved there. Now, you are free to write a document without worrying about losing them.

Every time your computer gets crashed, Word will create AutoRecover file. The recovered file is displayed in the Document Recovery task pane on the left side of your monitor every time you re-open your Word program. Such file is either listed as an original file “file name (Original)”or even as a recovered file “file name (Recovered)”.

These are the steps to save your recovered documents:

1. Double-click the file in the Document Recovery pane.

2. Simply click Save As.

3. Save the document as a .doc file.

Additionally, your file can also be found in the temporary file locations as shown below

Or perhaps, you may need to check your recovered file in the temp file:

Simply click Start, click Search, and then click For Files or Folders.

In the Search for files or folders named box, simply type *.TMP.

In the Look in box, point to the arrow, and click My Computer.

If the Search Options are not displayed, click Search Options.

Select the Date check box, click in the last days, and change the amount of days since you last opened your file.

Then, simply click Search Now.

On the View menu, click Details. Then, go to Arrange Icons, and click by Date.

Scroll through the files and search  the files which match the last few dates and times that you edited the files.

That’s all, we already give you all the possibility way to recover unsaved  word document. Hope this tips help you bringing back your file.


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