How to Tattoo a Rabbit

How to Tattoo a Rabbit

How to Tattoo a Rabbit A Step by Step Tutorial to walk you through the Rabbit Tattooing Process.

10 Steps to Tattoo a Rabbit Using a Battery-Operated Handheld Pen

A handheld electric pen is by far the best option for tattooing your rabbits. It’s much safer, neater, and less painful than methods used in earlier days. When done correctly, the battery-operated pen can give you wonderfully clean and legible tattoos. Here are ten steps plus a special secretto help your tattoos come out first-class the first time.

1. Prepare your kit. Before you even go get the rabbit, lay all your tattoo supplies out in easy reach. This ensures that the process will be as quick and fluid and therefore as successful as possible. You should have your ink in your inkwell, your inkwell in its spill-proof holder, your tattooing and stencil pens in easy reach, and your Bunny Balm open and ready to go. (You can get all these items in the .)

2. Prepare the ear. Rabbit ears, just like ours, can accumulate wax and dead skin. In order to get a clean tattoo, you want to clear all this away with cotton balls and alcohol before beginning your tattoo.

3. Secure the rabbit. Go and get Bunny from his cage, and then make sure he is held securely before you begin working. The best option is to have someone else hold him for you. You’re looking for a hold that is firm, but not too tight, and will not put too much pressure on Bunny if he starts to struggle. Rabbits feel safer if their heads are covered, so have your helper tuck Bunny’s head under his or her arm.

4. Stencil the tattoo. This is a step that many breeders miss, but it makes for a better tattoo in the end. Take a special

and stencil the tattoo in the ear before you go over it in permanent ink. This way you can make sure it will all fit, and look balanced and neat. Remember, if a judge can’t read your rabbit’s tattoo, he or she can disqualify it from competition.

5. Balm the ear. Many breeders coat their rabbits’ ears in

or petroleum jelly after tattooing. But here’s the secret balm the ear prior to tattooing also. The jelly will control the flow of ink, making it come out smoothly and evenly without running. Try it! You’ll be surprised at the difference.

6. Ink your pen. Once the rabbit is held securely, get your pen ready to go. (You don’t want to ink it too early or the ink will dry out.) Turn the pen on BEFORE dipping it in the ink well. This will get the ink all up in the needles evenly. Dip just the end of the needles into the well! The motion of the pen will draw the ink into the center of the needles, where it should be. Never dip it in so far that the ink gets on to the pen head.

7. Tattoo Away! Now you’re ready for action. Hold the rabbit’s left ear open and against something solid, like your finger. Hold the needle at a slight angle to the ear and tattoo with a gentle pressure. You do NOT want to push the needle all the way through the ear; you’re just trying to insert ink right below the surface of the skin. Re-ink your tattoo pen whenever it runs out until you’ve finished the tattoo.

8. Smear the ear. When you’re done, wipe away any excess ink. Then cover the tattoo with a balm or jelly to hold the ink in. Using a special all-natural balm, like , can help prevent infection as well.

9. Clean your kit. When Bunny is all settled back in his cage, it’s time to clean your kit. Always, always wipe the excess ink off of your needle right away; it will give it a much longer life. You can buy a special cleaning brush for the best results. Pack up the rest of your kit so it will be ready for next time!

10. Record the tattoo. After you tattoo a rabbit, write it down. Make note of every rabbit you tattoo its parents, color, and date of birth. You may often find this list to be of great help down the road when a buyer contacts you about a certain rabbit, and you need to remember quickly which one that was. You can download free record keeping sheets from

I hope these steps gave you some pointers to help your tattoos come out better than ever. But wait, there’s one more step! If you haven’t purchased your tattoo kit yet, I guess you should start there! You can get all the supplies you need for successful tattoos from the , which contains a pen, a replacement needle, ink, an inkwell, bunny balm, a cleaning brush, and more! Check it out on

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This is part 3 in our series on rabbit tattoos.

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