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Illegal Movie Apps Flooding The App Store

So in recent weeks a number of apps have managed to find their way onto Apple’s lucrative app store. The first of these that hit the headlines was an app called CartoonHD and featured many movie titles from recent years. This app shot to the top spot of the free app category but didn’t remain there long until it was removed. This week, the app getting the limelight is one called movie planet. Although this movie streaming service does not allow you to download the titles in the app it still allows for streaming of over 5000 titles, which seems to be far from legitimate. What seems to surprise me is that the fact they get removed so quickly shows that they are not meant to be there in the first place, so how do apps as blatant as these slip through the cracks at Apple. Both the apps we have talked about have been heavily ad supported, so it may be the case of the developer that they upload the apps and hope for the best and the longer they stay on the app store the more money they earn from advertisers.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any insight to how these illegal apps get through onto the app store.



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