Important Supplies for Rabbit Owners

Important Supplies for Rabbit Owners

Every rabbit, regardless of breed, will require a cage. A new breeder may be overwhelmed with how big, and what kind to get. To find out the perfect cage size, you can use a . Now the next question: What kind? There are many plastic pet store brands, or home made wooden hutches. The problem with these is rabbits can chew through plastic and wood over time, and the wooden ones will absorb urine and warp causing a dirty, smelly and unhealthy home. Cages with solid floors will cause irritation from splash back, and you will have a urine stains on the rabbits pelt. A

with a wire floor is ideal for keeping a clean rabbit. They are available in small, medium, large, and giant sizes that are ideal for almost any breed.

The Best Food and Water Equipment

Inside that cage, you will need food and water containers. Rabbits tend to chew their food dishes which can cause abscesses on their neck and chin. In addition, it is a pain to replace the chewed dishes.

are great because they are still inexpensive, and you don’t have to replace them as often. They are available in 5oz and 12oz sizes. Also, you have a choice to use a cup or bottle as a water container. Bottles can be a healthy choice for rabbits because they can’t dip their feet in the bowl. That is, of course, only healthier if it is kept clean. Many different brands of bottles only open in a narrow top which can be a pain to clean. However, the

water bottle makes cleaning and filling easy, and is equipped with a no drip spout.

Safe Rabbit Carrying Cages

In order to safely transport you rabbits, it is important to have . Rabbit carriers should be wire like their cage in order to maintain cleanliness. The size required will depend on the size of the breed. A carrier too big will allow the rabbit to spook and injure itself; however, you want it big enough to allow the rabbit to lie down. It is recommended to have enough carriers to safely evacuate all of your rabbits in case of an emergency.

Supplies for your Rabbit First Aid Kit

Another necessity would be a first aid kit. It should contain , , , Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment, Vaseline, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Q-tips, baby wipes, and hemostats. These are general, multi-purpose equipment and remedies for any accidents away from home. It is not a substitute for medical attention, though, so if you don’t see a quick recovery, take them to the vet.

Tattoo Equipment for Rabbit Showmen

is a must for anybody who is interested in breeding. Even if they are intended for brood or pet, it is good to be able to identify them and avoid mix ups. You can choose either a clamp or pen. A clamp is preferred for large breeds; however they have a limited number of digits and are very expensive. Pens are the preferred method for smaller breeds or breeders who have a preference for longer tattoos. In addition to the tattoo pen or clamp, it is important to have baby wipes, rubbing alcohol, ink, cleaning equipment, and petroleum jelly.

offers a complete, including most of the materials listed above, and more for a very competitive price.

Important Grooming Supplies for Show Rabbits

Grooming supplies are important to any show breeder. With the exception of rex furred breeds, you will need a , , and baby wipes to keep the fur in top shape. For rex fur, you would use a pumice stone. Also, keep

on hand at all times as well. You never know when you are looking over a rabbit before putting it on the show table and it was missed when clipping nails. Another piece of show equipment is a show table. This is a great investment because it provides buyers a surface to look at a rabbit, and you a surface to groom your rabbit. It is also important to know what not keep in your grooming supplies. The use of tweezers, scissors, powders, or other materials that alter the natural appearance of the rabbit is against the rules.

Producing Pedigrees for your Rabbits

Building a pedigree is one of the most important parts to raising rabbits. Pedigrees are not only the selling point to many buyers, but they also help track weights, varieties, and lineage. Using the , you can create a pedigrees within minutes. It will also store information, so you can have both a hard copy and an electronic copy of all your pedigrees. Additionally if you’re looking for a pedigree that will wow your customers, grab a

Recommended Rabbit Pedigree Software:

Information is Invaluable

And lastly, it is important to keep literature you can refer to when questions arise. One of the most common questions is: Where did THAT variety come from? Fortunately, there is

to answer that question. It will also arm you with the ability to predict the possible outcomes and warn you to shy from breeding together certain varieties. Another great book, celebrated for its comprehensive approach, is . It gives you tips and tricks on improving the overall health and quality of your herd.

Raising Rabbits 101 3rd Edition:

The Rabbit Coat Color Genetics Guide:

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