Best IM Android App: eBuddy Messenger

Best IM Android App: eBuddy Messenger


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eBuddy Messenger lets you chat simultaneously on the most popular instant messaging platforms, all from a single Android app.

To start with eBuddy Messenger you’ll have to create an account which is rather painless (username, password, email). Next, add any and all of the instant messaging accounts you’d like to have synced to the Android app, found under the “Accounts” tab. The list includes the most popular platforms out there, including MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, MySpace, ICQ, Hyves, and Facebook.

Now when you hit the “Buddies” tab, you should see an updated list of Online and Offline contacts from all of the platforms you’ve added. The buddy list interface is simplistic yet sufficiently informative. You can instantly see whether someone is available or away, what messaging program they are logged in to, and their image/icon.

In the “Chats” tab, you’ll find an interface very similar to what you get with the standard Android text messaging app. A list is displayed containing all current conversations. Selecting one chat displays messages from the other person in bubbles on the left of the screen and your responses on the right. Since instant messaging is all about rapid-fire responses, managing multiple conversations is essential (and we all know people who get upset if replies are delayed). S0, an extremely convenient feature lets you switch from one conversation to the other by swiping your finger left/right. The small blue dots above the text input box assist in this navigation.

When activated, this Android app does run in the background in order to receive new messages, which means you will see some additional battery drain with extensive use (although the app does do a good job in managing resources). Note: battery use is reduced for Android device’s running Android 2.2+ because of improvements to Google’s push functionality.


Areas for improvement:

Conclusion: One of the best IM Android apps currently available because of its support of the most popular messaging platforms and its minimalistic, functional interface.


I hate to have to create an account, but it is ok if it is painless. 😀


BEWARE: Once you create an account, there is no way to remove it yourself.

You /might/ be able to get them to delete it for you, but simply uninstalling the ap will not be sufficient.

I do not care for this ap.

Comments on any of your chat accounts are pushed out to your phone even if you are offline.

Your status comment will read as if you are online via eBuddy at all times – even when you aren’t.

You may appear to be online at all times to friends, even when you aren’t…

No, I do not care for this ap at all.


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