I officially graduate with my master’s degree today! *tosses confetti* In honor of that, I am sharing some of the projects I did during this degree that are geeky because of course, I had to make some of these geeky.

I have earned a Master of Arts in Mass Communication concentrating in Web Design and Online Communication. I also got a graduate certificate in Social Media while I was at it as well. This was a very project-based degree, meaning I did not do a thesis paper but instead a capstone project for an actual client. And along the way were a ton of creative classes in design, which is where most of these projects came from. But enough background, let’s get into the specifics.

V for Vendetta Book Cover

One of my very first classes for this program was called Digital Imagery. It was basically learning some design basics and how to use Photoshop as an introductory course. One of the assignments was to design a book cover for whatever book we wanted to do. I ended up going with V for Vendetta, and I adore how this turned out. I want a copy of V for Vendetta with this cover honestly.

Disneyland Email Newsletters

So I have used Disneyland quite a few times for this degree, especially for marketing materials. This particular example is also from the Digital Imagery class with this assignment specifically being a newsletter for a specific holiday of our choosing. So Disneyland and Halloween it was! I’ve been able to go to Disneyland during the Halloween season and even on Halloween before so I knew I wanted to choose it for this assignment cause it is one of my favorite times to go to the parks.

I also had to make web advertisements for the second part of this project, which are shown below.

Geeky Cookbook Design

Another introductory class I took was Digital Layout and Design, which mainly focused on using InDesign and more design skills. The final project for this class was to design a cookbook using InDesign. As I was looking up recipes I could use, I found the blog , which is full of bookish recipes with food and drink from our favorite stories. So I decided right then that I was going to use a bunch of her recipes and make a bookish cookbook. From Butterbeer to Turkish Delight, Drink Me Potion to Robber Steak, it’s full of snacks, sips, and sweets from literature.

Fantastic Beasts Website

Last up for geeky projects from my master’s is a website I made for one of my advanced coding classes. The guidelines were the website had to be about an animal and we could choose whichever animal we wanted. So, me being geeky, I chose Fantastic Beasts. This site was a ton of fun to code and I actually listened to the audiobook for the Sorcerer’s Stone while coding it. My professor for this class is a huge Harry Potter fan so she was so excited with my site, which was a nice bonus. , and there are fun secrets ready to be found. I recommend letting the homepage full load 😉

Bonus Project!

So this one is from my undergrad and not my master’s degree but it definitely fits in with this post. For my bachelor’s one of the requirements is to take a writing intensive course. There are a bunch in a lot of different subjects and some degrees have one as a part of their track. Since I had a customized degree plan I could take whatever I wanted so I took Sex Role Stereotyping in American Education. The final assignment was a group presentation and an individual paper on a specific topic, and my group got Gender Bias in Disney. I specifically talked about Disney Princesses and wrote about that and it was easily my best and most favorite paper I wrote. Unfortunately, I can’t find the paper since I haven’t changed computers since then, but it may still be on my old laptop.

That is some of the geeky projects I have done during my time in higher education. It has been a long, crazy ride but I’m glad I’ve gotten to use my interests in some way or another.

Have you ever used your geeky interests for something not inherently geeky? Let me know with a comment below.

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Heather | Nerdy By Nature Blog

Congrats! That V for Vendetta cover is gorgeous.

Congratulations! I never thought a degree could involve so much practical work and fun. I love every single theme you based your projects around. Great use of ‘What’s this?’ quote.

Yeah most people assume that for masters degrees it is very theoretical and involves a thesis. But I definitely prefer the practical side of my degree.

These projects are great!

I’m currently taking a community college program to become a library technician. In my first semester, we had to write an essay on anything that semi-related to our program, so I talked about board game collections in libraries. Then in the same class, we had to give a brief 5 minute presentation on a topic of our choice. So I took the opportunity to teach my class about the board game Gloom.

That is awesome!!

I love this! I had great fun adding a geeky twist to some of Masters projects whenever I could. One project I can specifically remember was our cataloguing project. We had to choose a collection of items that we had and catalogue them using a particular cataloguing system. Naturally, I chose video games 😀

There weren’t really many other opportunities in my Masters, but I did enjoy having a group project that required us to build a website and being the only person in our entire class who really had ANY coding experience. Up to that point, I really did consider myself a total amateur, and it showed me just how much I did know. It also meant that I was able to skip the learning process for coding and concentrate on SEO which has been a lot more useful.

In my two undergraduate degrees (Art History and English Literature) I took every opportunity I could to specialise in geek/fantasy subjects. A highlight was getting to re-read Harry Potter as part of the Children’s Literature course, for example. I’d see all the law and science students with their massive textbooks and I’d be there with my fantasy books 😀


Congratulations on your masters degree!


Congratulations on your masters!

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