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Your search for a Smart, Strong and Beautiful Multiple USB Charger is FINALLY OVER.Now Introducing “iSMARTECH AC Universal Adapter” – The BEST VALUE Travel Adapter for YOUR MONEY on Amazon. Regular Complains About International Power Adapters

– Clunky and Big! Didn’t fit properly. Always loose connection with spark of electricity, easy to fall off from the wall.

– The levers when used to extend the prongs is flimsy. Need to yank on the extended prongs to get it to stay in place.

– Very easy to blow the fuse. Bright lights affect sleep. No USB Port.

– Not used of fireproof materials. Poor quality non-customized products.

YOUR BENEFITS with our iSMARTECH Universal Outlet Adapter: – BUILT TO LAST: iSMARTECH american outlet adapter has solved all the major issues of similar products. Compactness, smaller size, more powerful compatibility & security.

– EXCLUSIVE PATENT: Children safety gate and protection switch to ensure only one plug is energized.

– Use of HIGH QUALITY PC fireproof material, resistant to high temperatures up to 300°.

– Comfortable faint blue lights, does not affect sleep. Built-in Reset-able Fuse.

– TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Including 2 USB ports that can charge multiple devices at once.

– Compatible US, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, China, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Swiss… More than 150 countries. – CE and RoHS certified. iSMARTECH AC Universal Adapter is a Wonderful GIFT IDEA. Why not BUY two today one for yourself and second for your loved ones. click ADD TO CART button now and make awesome iSMARTECH gadget part of your life.List Price: $ 47.99Price: $ 19.99

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Best Charger in the World !! must have for Travelers, February 11, 2016By

This is kind of all in all chargers. This is a super handy gadget to have for when you are traveling abroad. It has multiple plugs from multiple countries all available within the same small and similar foot print of this tiny device. I am from India and I work here in USA, So I used to travel a lot from india to USA and most of my trips will be via UK. So I used to carry adapters for my electronic gadgets to convert the chargers for each country when I travel and it was really tedious to carry them along with me every time.The reason I chose this one is because it has the two USB ports on the side along with the regular plug adapter in the front and the multiple plug adapters helps me to charge in all the different place while I travel and is very convenient. The two USB ports on the side are super convenient and easy to get to when the adapter is plugged in. There is a safety switch on the side to insure you are using the correct voltage for each country. This is so perfect, as an Universal Adapter which makes it compatible to all voltage around the world.This product goes BEYOND my expectation, I mean it. I am happy to have this in my life, a total solution for every charging problems!Disclaimer :I received this product at a great discounted or completely free price in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinion stated above is my own personal experience with this charger and I have not been influenced by the seller or the offer in any way.

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Kyle F.

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Allows you to power all of your devices wherever you go, February 11, 2016By

This charger solves a couple different problems for me.

While I do not travel internationally often, I have and plan to do so again in the future. Each time I would go somewhere, I would always forget about the power plug conversion adapter and ended up buying them at an inflated price wherever I ended up visiting. I was looking for a dual USB AC adapter on Amazon when I came across the iSmarTech Multiple USB Universal AC adapter. It features dual 2.1A USB ports which can be used to charge both my iPhone and iPad just like any other regular USB charger and a built-in IC chip to prevent overcharging and overheating. It also has interchangeable plugs which I can use almost anywhere in the world (the instruction sheet says it works with over 150 countries). The plugs all fold into the adapter for portability and to prevent bending or breaking them. All you need to do is pull out the plug you want to use, flip the switch to the proper country and plug it in. The switch is designed for the plug you are using, not what you are plugging into it. It has different slots for each type of power plug which is great for me since I repair and customize electronics. I recently got numerous European and Japanese video game consoles and media players that utilize different plugs and was not able to plug them in to test them until now.It comes in its own box with an instruction sheet outlining the various functions and settings of the charger. I ordered the blue colored option and the color is very cool. In terms of build quality, it is solid and has a good weight to it. I have had some AC adapters that feel like they came out of a Cracker Jack box, which is definitely not something you want when you are talking about adapting plug types and then running electric current through it. It has a blue LED light on the front to indicate that power is running to the adapter. Once the switch is set and the correct adapter is plugged in, you can plug your power cord into the corresponding slots and begin using it. I tested it with a European Nintendo Gamecube here in the U.S. and it works wonderfully. I also plugged in my iPhone and iPad and it charges both devices and provides power at the same time (not one or the other).Overall, this is a great portable charging adapter to have if you travel abroad or use international devices like I do. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. It has built-in safety features to prevent overcharging or overheating. It is an excellent way to make sure you can power your devices and appliances wherever you go. I highly recommend it. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

However, the price I paid for the item in no way affects my evaluation of the quality of the product and I am not in any way required to write a positive review.

I always provide my honest opinion of items I review, whether it’s negative or positive.If you found this review helpful, please help others easily find it by clicking yes below.

If you didn’t find it helpful, please feel free to comment and let me know what wasn’t helpful so I can do a better job of writing helpful reviews.

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful

Affordable and versatile!, February 15, 2016By  (Illinois)

I was a little hesitant when ordering this gadget, because I was afraid it would be made out of cheap material, and I was afraid that it wouldn’t work. Was I ever wrong. This is an incredibly nifty gadget! I have another set of adapters that I use when I travel, yet with that set, I have to use a separate adapter for each country that I visit. The iSmarTech adapter, however, is versatile in that it can be used in various countries. I don’t have to worry about bringing a bulky set of multiple adapters when traveling to more than one country, which is definitely a plus. However, what I appreciate the most about this adapter is the fact that it enables me to plug in two additional USB devices at the same time, meaning that I can simultaneously charge my laptop, my iPhone, and my kindle at the same time. I wish other travel adapters had this level of functionality.I got my iSmarTech adapter in white because it was the least flashy of the three colors (please see the picture of this adapter below). The plug actually looks better in person than it does in the pictures. Even when I’m not traveling, I still use this adapter simply because it allows me to plug in three devices using only one outlet. I have yet to test this adapter in another country, but as soon as I’m able to test it abroad, I will definitely update this review.I purchased this product at a major discount discount for my honest and unbiased review. Note that even though I received this product at a discount, it does not affect my review in any way. I only assign five starts to products that meet my meticulous expectations as a consumer. I would never assign five stars to an inferior product, even if I received a discount.

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By George

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