LG G3 camera mod brings higher bitrate for 4K recording and 60FPS for HD videos

Thanks to OIS+ and laser assisted Auto Focus system, the LG G3’s camera is right among the best of what Android devices can offer. The images and videos, however, are ruined to a certain extent because of some overzealous post-processing from LG. Thankfully, a developer over at XDA forums has released a mod for the LG G3’s camera that bumps up the bitrate while recording videos and reduces the image compression to preserve the details.

The mod will increase the bitrate from 30Mbps to 40Mbps for 4K videos and also replace the default 1080p@30FPS recording mode with 1080p@60FPS, which the G3 lacks out of the box. The increase in FPS should give the HD videos from the G3 a noticeably smoother feel.

Installing the mod is pretty simple and only requires users to replace some of the system files. Root access, however, is a must. Also, make sure to change the file permissions once you have copied them, otherwise the camera app will force close. The mod should work for all the different variants of the LG G3 without any issues.

Did you notice anything different in the images and videos shot from the G3 after using the mod? Drop in a comment and let us know!


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