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AB Blast Game Android APK Download Free

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Video of AB Blast:

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Description AB Blast:

Play an all-new Upset Parrots tap-to-match game! The hogs have stuck the Upset Parrots within vibrant balloons! Pop related balloons to set the birds free and prevent the hogs in this addictive puzzle-adventure.

🎈 At It Again 🎈

Use your balloon-blasting abilities to outsmart the hogs in over 250 fun levels! Find the best way to fix questions, break high ratings, and generate three celebrities in every level.

🎈 Balloon-Bursting Enhancers 🎈

Use boosters to boost a lot of balloons, cup, timber and more! Coordinate 5, 7, or 9 pockets to develop rockets, tanks, and laser device guns! Merge boosters for even more harmful combinations.

🎈 Everyday Difficulties 🎈

Join the daily challenges to obvious as many hogs as you can and generate benefits and boosters. Blast more hogs to go up the international leaderboard and achieve the top.

Screen Shots:

Installing and Playing Your Android APK Game

Simply follow the instructions and download the game into your device. Make sure your device is charged enough so it wouldn’t shut down during the process.

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