Internet Service Providers in Kenya

Internet Service Providers in KenyaThe use of internet in Kenya is growing at high rate with everyone online be it if they are just going to Facebook or YouTube. Everyone is looking for the best Internet Service Provider (ISP), that will offer them fast speeds and at the same time value for their money. There are several Internet Service Providers in Kenya but I want to talk about Zuku as it has grown to be so popular around and the Internet Service Providers out there.I personally like Zuku. 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have recommended Zuku. They would take ages to come and install the service at your house and the customer care had no idea what customer care means. Phone lines were never working and yet they also provided telephone services, ironic.

However, 4 years down the line Zuku have done remarkable, according to me. A few months back I purchased Zuku, the triple play package. It was a bit difficult as Zuku had no idea where I stay they offer internet services (they still need work on their geography), but after getting details of a neighbor who has the Zuku services, they were able to open an account for me, and in less than 24 hrs I was surfing away on and the likes of

Mind you I never even stepped in their offices, I did all this through phone call, email, and “Mpesa” payment service. Technology, don’t you just love it. I made my payment at around 1700 hrs and at 0700 hrs the next day the Zuku crew were at the estate where I stay and in less than 30 minutes they installed the service. I am using it up to now and am loving, and for 3999 Kenya shillings a month, you get internet with speed of 8mbs, and television and a telephone line; I think that’s a deal we would all love.

DID YOU KNOW THAT when ISPs advertise their internet speeds and they use the “blind eye trick”. An ISP will tell you that they are offering speed of 8mbs, while another will tell you they are offering at 8mBs. To the normal eye, they all look the same, but in real sense 8mbs is a much lower speed than 8mBs, as small “b” stands for bit while capital “B” stands for byte; and 1 byte is 8 bits. The difference is just that one b is in small letter while the other B is in capital letter.

So the real speed for the ISP providing 8mbs is approximately 1mBs and not 8mBs as one would think.

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