iOS 7 beta 2 changes iPad version launched by Apple with new features |

Apple has launched new iOS 7 beta 2 with new changes which is

compatible for iPad. This arrival has made just after 2 weeks of first beta

version by Apple. Due to incompatibility of first beta for iPad Apple released

iOS 7 beta 2 with changes and new important features which is highly supports iPad.

IPad users can download and upgrade iOS 7 beta 2 through iTunes

apples developer page.

High dynamic range


IPad users can use this feature which is exist in new iOS 7

beta 2 version, with this you can catch 3 picture of same object very fast. iOS

4 brings this feature at very first but now it becomes more advanced.

User interface

changes for message apps:

Apple iPhone users now can get the most wonderful feature in

which the group conversation will have images and contact info about the

complete group where one to one messaging still has degradation and will

improve in next version of iOS 7.

Synchronize Google

contacts with ease:

Past versions of iOS required setup to be installed to sync

the Google contacts with iPhone but now with latest iOS 7 beta 2 version it

will be easy to synchronize google contacts.

Voice memos


Again the removed feature from the past version of iOS 7

that was Voice memos has come with new iOS 7. With this Apple user once again

can save the recording from the bottom of the screen.

This will be amazing to apply for new iOS 7 beta 2 version because

of updated and new other most flourishing features….

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