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I think The Beast is getting bored. Chasing the cats around the house naked is fun, playing at the park is cool, and helping with dishes and sweeping is neat. But there are lulls in the day, not the quietly sitting on the floor reading book lulls, but, sometimes I just kind of catch him roaming, swinging his arms – not a cat in sight.

So, I was like – internets. What have you got for me?

And then the internet laughed, while throwing tons of ideas at me. Cause honestly, sometimes I don’t always know what to do when I am exhausted, and The Beast has seemingly already had 40 cups of coffee, a little cocaine and has blown through all of the toys in the living room. What am I supposed to do with that?(Keep in mind that I spent the night in bed with two feet in my face that belong to my grumpy 14 month old who just had a slew of vaccines. Oh, and he also happens to steal the covers and have no remorse whatsoever. Who has two thumbs and didn’t sleep? THIS GIRL.)

So….if you are having one of those mornings, and stumbled across this blog post, let me throw some ideas at you. Maybe one will stick?

#1 Toddler Yoga. An oxymoron perhaps, but watch the video ( – it totally inspired me to try some stuff with The Beast, and he loved it. Was it perfect? Nope, Did I care? Nope. Was it stop-go-stop-go-stop-go…uhhhh, have you met a toddler?


Toddler paint. Flour+Water+Food Coloring = a really good time. Here is a great .


Play dough – There really isn’t anything to it, so if they eat it, no big deal. If some spills, no big deal. We used this recipe and the comments were right, this was a great .

#4. Throw some pasta in a huge mixing bowl, and some other interesting objects (like those colorful pom poms) and let your toddler hunt around. Will it go like you expect? Maybe not, but it will be easy to clean up and fun.



A little different than the image, but there are SO many activities using pipe cleaners – who knew? I always found them quite useless, but apparently they are fantastic for developing motor skills, ,, pipe cleaners and ….well…dude, anything. Pipe cleaners!



Pom Poms, the pipe cleaners cousin. You can make up things to do with these left and right. Dump them out, toddler picks them up, sort them by color into different cups, , do you have an ice cube tray and some of these pom poms? Then you have an


But really……anything from this website that features. Such great ideas, with tons of items that you most likely already have around your house.

Oh and don’t even get me started on , , or

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