Leesa Mattress Review

is 100% American made; a company that donates one mattress for every ten that they sell. As the company looks and sounds good on their own site for a good review allow me to look into the inner aspects of the mattress and see what’s in store for all of us.

What You Need To Know

The Mattress

When you buy a Leesa mattress you’ll receive a box inside is a vacuumed sealed product released the mattress from the tight plastic and the product will unfold. It is free shipping so no worries about additional charges on top of the mattress price. The top cover is a polyester-lycra blend fabric with Leesa’s 4 iconic signature stripes. There are three layers of foam inside; the top layer is 2″ cooling Avena foam; the middle layer is 2″ memory foam layer; and the bottom part is 6″ dense support foam.

Trial and return policy

One of the good things about Leesa is their return policy. You have at least 30 nights to try the product if in case you’re not satisfied you still have 70 nights to decide and use the mattress. Your 100 nights will start from the date the mattress was delivered to you. If in case you’re not satisfied with it you may call them to process the return. It’s a hassle free; no payment return policy wherein the courier will get the mattress from your home and it will be recycled or donated. Please take note that if you bought the mattress from Amazon it’s a different story you only have 30 nighttrial as per Amazon’sreturn policy.

The not so good side

The mattress is ideal for an average size and not suitable for larger people. Leesa offers only one model and it may last for about six years. People who sleep on their side may feel discomfort due to firmness. Compared to other foam mattresses, along the side edges the mattress isn’t good for neither sitting nor sleeping since most couples and larger people complain about this.

The better side

Aside from the trial and return policy Leesa has more to offer. The Leesa mattress is best for couples you don’t need to control your movement since it doesn’t have springs on it. It is best for back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers. It is a no flip mattress wherein you just need to flip it from head to foot 2-3 times a year to minimize wear and tear due to prolonged used.

An overall verdict

As an overall verdict

is recommended for average weighted people. The mattress is considered to be medium-firm as it is comparatively neutral in terms of firmness. The price ranges from $450-$990depending on size; The Leesa mattress is considerably less pricey than the average mattress in the market. However it is a bit much higher in price than mattresses with basically same specifications. The 100 day trial period plus a 10 year non-prorated warranty with free shipping makes Leesa stands out among others. I am impressed by their way of sharing their success to others and giving it back to the community. If you have the budget you might want to try a Leesa mattress today. The information and ratings above are based on owner’s experience. Yours might be different.

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