Linkage Lookback – Eight Greats From October 2010

Hey there!

Today, I would like to share some interesting articles and sites with you all… though not necessarily new, the links below are all good reads and tools for us entrepreneurs.

As I wrote in this post, I have a tumblr blog that’s dedicated to just share fun and fascinating “stuff” that I come across on the web. Once a week I will pick a number of favorites from my link archive there – this first time it’s a top ten, and I hope you will find some nuggets below. Here we go!

1. How to apply the 80-20 rule to earn more, work less and dominate, from Ramit Sethi’s blog “I will teach you to be rich”. Ramit is a best-selling author and friend of best-selling author Tim Ferriss. Both of their blogs contain long, engaging and actionable posts with both inspiration and practical tips – and this is a great example. This post is actually not by Ramit himself, but from a guest. Still, great quality.

2. Whohub – Create, take and read interviews. Now, this is a fascinating tool for all you data/metrics freaks out there. There’s TONS of user data here from thousands of members, categorized in subjects such as programming, health, business, psychology etc. This site is part social network/community, part Q&A site, and part pure source of awesome, qualitative market research. A perfect place to get a good sense of the opinions and preferences of a target group of your choosing. Use it wisely, it’s a gem and frankly I’m surprised I’m not hearing more of a buzz about Whohub.

3. Don’t be afraid to diversify, from Richard Branson’s Blog. Wow… this is such timely reading for me to return to, just as I’m in the process of establishing a consulting practice parallell to my food startup. A short and concise piece from an iconic entrepreneur, this illustrates and doesn’t make excuses for the “ADD-like” trait of certain people in our peer group. Being eclectic – heck yeah!

4. Why every entrepreneur should write and 9 tips to get started, from On Startups. It’s pretty clear why I like this one, huh? Hope you do it too, and if you’re not with me in the blogosphere yet… then I hope I’ll meet you here soon.

5. I prefer the Swedish fika, a little exposé on a phenomenon that you will encounter and hopefully appreciate if you come to Sweden – this is what we associate with “having coffee”. Care for a cookie?

6. Never write a business plan, from Entrepreneur. Actually the title is somewhat misleading – this is an interesting piece on the importance of adding the crucial part of ACTION to the plan. Good reminder!

7. The 50 most influential books of the last 50 years, from SuperScholar. I LOVE BOOKS. This is a collection of both fiction and non-fiction, and yeah it would be nice to read them all… sometime! Did you find any of your all-time favorites on the list?

8. The 5 emerging disciplines in influence planning, from John Bell’s blog. This made me think, and the thoughts I had were “YES, more fuel for the social media paradigm of authenticity and transparency. I like!” – or something like that.

Ok friends, that’ll be it for this time! Which one/ones of these did you find the most interesting and applicable in your business and your life?

Talk to you again, soon. Wishing you a fulfilled week, and live with passion!