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Mark Brennan


KILKENNY Alive Technical Director, Mark Brennan, aged 21,

is a past pupil of St Kieran’s College and Carlow Institute of Technology. Following three years study at ITC, he

qualified in computer science, including web design.

He received the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) while in St Kieran’s. He

has had

an interest in computers since the age

of 11. Mark is a volunteer with The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny.


is son of Martin and Sandra Brennan of Clara, Co Kilkenny. He has a brother, Philip, and a

sister, Eve.

Stories from Mark Brennan


Adware is free software that is supported by advertisements, sometimes an annoyance to the user.

Bandwidth refers to how much data you can send through a network or modem connection.

Command prompt,this is used in a text-based or “command-line” interface, such as a Unix terminal or a DOS shell.

Desktop, like a normal desk top it is used for quick access to commonly used items.


SOMETHING that has always bothered me is people throwing away their old PCs, I see it all the time. Any time I can stop this happening I do, if a friend or relative is throwing away an old computer, I’ll take it off their hands and refurbish it, they make great servers! I have often got fast PCs to add to my server farm. This is a room I have with a group of PCs running as servers. All running together to power all of my websites, e-mail services, if you name it, there’s a PC in that room doing it.


INTERNET connections in the home have come along in massive strides here in recent years. Gone are the days, for most people, where sitting at the computer for 15 minutes waiting for your e-mail to load, to find that you haven’t actually got any. There is still so much for Ireland to be offered when it comes to broadband, in terms of speed and availability, but for now we have enough to keep most of us happy with our internet connections in our homes.



Have you ever wondered what goes on in the background when you type in, lets say There are many steps and processes involved in converting that small .ie address into a web page for you to view and use.

First you open your web browser and type in, in less than a second, computers all over the world talk and share information to get the web page back to you.


I WILL be the first to admit that social networking sites are great tools. They are a brilliant way to connect to people on opposite sides of the world, who share the same interests. But isn’t that really what they should be? Tool or services to help you connect online? If you take a walk down High Street on a busy afternoon you’re guaranteed to hear the word ‘Bebo’ echo through your ears on more than one occasion. “Bebo me later’, ‘I’ll Bebo you tonight’, ‘Are you on Bebo?’ It’s a word that you can’t miss, and like many things, you either hate it or love it.


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