MIUI Theme/Launcher for Android Smartphones  Download

MIUI Theme/Launcher for Android Smartphones  Download


MIUI Launcher for Android phones download  Xiaomi mobile phones are getting popular day by day. Now Xiaomi is the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturing company in the world. Xiaomi phone comes with MIUI installed in it. MIUI has a different interface from the pure Android UI. Some users are loving the interface of MIUI on their Xioami mobile phones. Now you can also get MIUI like look on your Android smartphones like Motorola, Samsung or Micromax. You need to install MIUI launcher on your mobile phone to get MIUI look.

If you are an advanced user the you can try installing MIUI custom rom on your Android device. In this guide we are not explaining how to install custom ROM, but you can still get the MIUI look by installing MIUI Launcher on your Android smartphones.

Best MIUI Launcher for Android

Mi Launcher  It is a highly customizable, performance driven, MIUI look launcher with the app drawer with more than 16 icons in folder. It lets you customize everything around  from icons, widgets, and text sizes, to the homescreen and app drawer grids. You can set Card stack effect and Cube out scrolling effect. You can add a new screen, long-press on an icon and drag it to the right border of the screen.

MIUI 6 Lite Launcher  This launcher is available on the official website of MIUI and free to download. MIUI 6 Lite launcher which allows you to get same feel and look which other Xiaomi users are getting on their Xiaomi phone. You have to make an account on MIUI website to download this launcher.

MIUI Launcher Theme for Android

MIUI 5 Launcher Theme  You will get the exact MIUI like look after installing this theme. This theme is compatible with Smart, NOVA, HOLO and LIGHTNING launcher. If you do not want to install any launcher on your mobile then you can certainly try this theme with Nova launcher. It is completely free and available on Google play store.

MIUI 5 Luancher Theme 

MIUI 6 Launcher Theme  This app wil cost your $1.08 or INR 64. You can buy it from Google Play store. It is compatible with almost all kind of launchers like ATOM, NOVA, SMART, HOLO and LIGHTNING. This theme will bring a flat and colorful look on your Homescreen.

MIUI 6 Launcher Theme 

Hope this is helpful you to get MIUI look on your Android smartphone. You can try these apps on any Android phones like Micromax, Samsung, HTC etc. You can give us feedback about these apps by commenting below. If you know any other method to get MIUI look on Android device the do let us know by commenting below. If you found this helpful the share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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