My Top 10 Favorite Rabbit Supplies

My Top 10 Favorite Rabbit Supplies Part One

There are a lot of rabbit supplies that I like. There are a lot of equipment items I find useful. But there are a few items that I am especially keen on. A few that, when I stop and think about it, I realize my rabbit keeping venture would be a lot more difficult if I didn’t have. A few that I cross my fingers hoping they’ll not discontinue. A few that make me want to jump on twitter, or write a blog post to tell my friends about how cool these products are. So let’s go for it!

10. . Some people prefer galvanized J-feeders, because they sift fines better and come in more sizes. But I’m sticking with the EZ-feeder. I love how it’s made of sturdy plastic, stronger than cheap plastic feeders you might find at a tractor supply. It hooks on to the cage more securely than the galvanized feeders I’ve used. Also, unlike the metal feeders, it doesn’t have sharp edges, doesn’t have crevices for feed dust to gather in, and doesn’t rust.

9. . Using a high-quality bedding in your drop trays is worth the effort. After the hard work of cleaning trays, it’s so rewarding to smell a sweet rabbitry thanks to the fresh shavings. There are a lot of good rabbit beddings out there, but Carefresh is something special. It’s totally free of dyes, inks, and oils, and it’s even heated before packaging to kill any bugs that might be heated in it. Carefresh absorbs both moisture and odor, as all great beddings should.

8. . It might seem like an odd one to land on the list, but I love this little dude! If you build your own rabbit cages, a pair of J-clip removers will be one of your best buddies. At least, it will if you’re like me, and accidentally stick the J-clips on in all the wrong places. Of course, you’ll also need his twin, the

in the first place.

7. . Most rabbit owners like to take their bunnies out of the cages for a chance to romp. This rabbit-safe harness and stretchy stroller leash allows you to broaden your bunny’s horizons by taking him for a walk. It’s also essential if you plan to compete in rabbit hopping competitions which are growing in popularity. Don’t use a cat harness for rabbits, because it can put too much pressure on the rabbit’s neck. Instead use this comfort harness that’s designed with the bunny’s safety in mind.

6. . The girl I bought my first rabbit from was very sweet and knowledgeable, but she told me that human fingernail clippers would work fine on my rabbits’ nails. Um, that wasn’t the case. Human nail clippers are likely to break rabbit nails off higher than you meant to cut, because they pinch the nail instead of slice it. Guillotine-style pet nail trimmers are faster and less stressful to use, slicing the nail off cleanly instead of snapping it. Use these, and you’ll have less need for styptic powder.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of this post tomorrow to catch my top five favorite equipment items. And what about you? Which things in your rabbitry make your life easier? I would be interested to hear your response in the comments section below…


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