Neucopia Review – An MLM or Pyramid Progam?

Name:  Neucopia

Price: $49.95/mth Basic, $169.95/mth Premium
Owners: Rich Cook
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points.
Support: Very Limited
Training: PLR Content

neucopia review

Neucopia review, the product

In the beginning of my Neucopia review, I will share my thought about the product. My first problem with Neucopia is that it seems to be one of the latest companies hopping onto the “ghost product” bandwagon. And the reason I refer to it as a “ghost product” is because you’re paying good hard-earning money to gain access to a product for internet marketing training, and when you get into the member’s area, the training is there… but the reason why I refer to it as a “ghost product” is because the training kind of isn’t there, at the same time – and I will elaborate on that.

So, you log in and you do have access to all of this training, but it’s really only training that’s there to say, “we have training”. In other words, it’s outdated and most of it is crap. Most of it is really old information and it’s not valid anymore.

So what someone has done is they’ve taken a whole bunch of information, they’ve crunched it together and thrown it in to the member’s area just for the sake of saying “we have training, we have a product” – which is why I call it a ghost product. and that’s my first problem with Neucopia.

Pros vs. Cons of the Neucopia System


  • Some decent video interviews within the Premium membership.


  • Vastly overpriced
  • Borderline Illegal Pyramid.  You are joining to be able to promote the product versus the actual quality of the service.
  • Commissions are not really 100%.
  • You have to be a Premium member to earn commissions for Premium membership.
  • The system is very unethical in nature.
  • The training for both membership packages is not owned by Neucopia (they bought rights to it for $49)
  • The support is laughable.
  • You are “forced” to promote Neucopia itself if you want to earn money, which in itself is very unethical.

Membership price

My second problem with the product is that you’ve paid $49.99 and you’re going to continue to pay that for every month that you stay a member until you cancel your membership, and you gain access to a whole bunch “training”, which is actually just a whole bunch of PLR content (Private label rigths, which Rich Cook has just purchased from somewhere else and he’s slapped in the member’s area for you, that you’ve paid good money for, to gain access to.

Now, I don’t know about you, but personally, if I pay for internet marketing training, I want it to be original; I want it to be created by the person who claims that they’re qualified to train me and sold me this product in the first place, and I want it to be something that I can’t find anywhere else.

The major problem with paying for Neucopia is that all the content in Neucopia can be found for free elsewhere on the internet, and the on top of that, you’re going to be paying $49.99 every month for a whole bunch of stuff that you have for free. So, if you stay on for a year, you will have paid almost $600 for a bunch of information that you could’ve found online for free.

Ripping Others Off

Ny third and final problem with Neucopia is that when signing up for the product, it’s like saying, “I diden’t sign up for the training. I didn’t buy into Neucopia by Rich Cook for the training; I bought into Neucopia for the opportunity to re-sell Neucopia to others and make commissions”.

And for me, I actually have a big problem with that defense and that kind of mentality, because essentially what you’re saying is, “I’ve paid $49.99 for the basic membership (amd that’s not even if you get up into the premiere membership), I’m paying that much money each and every month for a product that I know is no good. I know it essentially doesn’t exist; nobody should be charging for this.

I signed up for the product so that I could sell it to other people for the same price I pay,” and it’s like saying “I know I’m getting ripped off, but I paid for the right to rip other people off and profit from it”, and I have big problem with that kind og mentality.

Does Neucopia offer member support?

This program was started by Rich Cook, who comes from the network marketing arena.  There is very little information about Rich or his history, so it is impossible to verify his success and experience.

You will see videos from Rich Cook, but you will not be able to get direct support from him within Neucopia. For this you are solely reliant on your “upline” so you better hope and pray that you sign-up through someone that knows what they hell they are doing.  And if they do know what they are doing, they are going to be passing the “buck” to you to build their revenue promoting the same low grade program to others.

If you are looking for support and help creating a business, this is not the place you want to be hanging out.

Final conclusion

So, just to wrap my Neucopia review up here and make it extremely clear: should you buy Neucopia? That’s why you’re reading this review. I think if you’ve read any other part of any section of this review, my answer is going to be “absolutely not”. You should not by Neucopia, regardless of whether or not you’re looking for internet marketing training – because it’s certainly lacking; everything  you find in that product is out of date and on top of that, can be found online for free.

Or, if you’re buying into it to say, “no, i’m buying into it to make commissions off of other people because I want to sell it to other people and profit from selling the product. Personally I can’t recommend Neucopia on either level. I think that it is a product that nobody should be buying, nobody should be recommending and nobody should be paying for and I hope that you can understand why I say that from reading this Neucopia review.

Final Review of Neucopia…

Name:  Neucopia


Price: $49.95/mth Basic, $169.95/mth Premium

Owner(s): Rich Cook

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points.

Verdict: SCAM, low grade training, pyramid style commission structure

I hope you enjoyed my review of Neucopia.

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