5 Reasons This New Gadget Is A Total Game Changer In The World Of Routers

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Routers are something that you simply can’t do without and whether you plan to install one at home or get one for your office, the smartest way to choose a good quality router is to depend on the latest technology. There are a number of different kinds of routers available but if you are looking for something high end and convenient to use, then you might want to check out this nice blog post about gaming routers here.

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a good quality router and one of the most essential factors is the amount of area that you would like to router to cover up. If you plan on installing a router in your office, then always look for a commercial one that is not designed for home use and will not survive in an office environment. Similarly, if you are looking for something at home do not invest in a commercial router because it’s only going to cost you more money and you don’t need to support so many devices on it.

People often believe that it’s not recommended to change your router because it quite a hassle and there are a ton of settings that you need to change when you switch from one router to another. The truth is that if you’ve been using the same router for a long time now, changing it for a wireless router might make more sense because a wireless router has so much to offer that it’s considered to be a game changer in the world of routers today. If you have been sceptical about purchasing a new router then here are a few reasons why this router is an absolute must have.

Parental Control

It is important to give your children the freedom to surf on the internet, but it’s also important for you to control what they are looking at. The internet is a large space and there’s a lot that you would want to protect your child from. The best way to do this is with a wireless router because it has settings that will help you to block certain websites that you don’t want your child accessing. You can even restrict the internet time your child has on a daily basis. While some children are fascinated by social media, it’s best to let them explore this option after they cross a certain age. There are also a number of unsafe websites that could introduce a virus or Malware into your system and while you might be aware about this, your children might get lured into visiting them. This new router can help keep your kids off these websites.

Back Up

If you use your system for some important work or if you would like to introduce wireless routers in your organisation then another reason why you should definitely consider getting them is because they have a centralised backup for all the systems that are connected to it. Once you grant the router permission to share files and save the store data on your computer onto the extra storage that it has, you’ll never need to worry about your computer crashing and losing out information that you have stored on to it.

Share More

Whether you use a wireless router at home or you have got it for your office, another benefit of having it installed is that you can now share a lot more. Whether you want to send a print or just view files, you can now transfer files from your system to another system a lot more conveniently with the help of a wireless router. It just makes the job that much easier and it reduces the time that you would have spent transferring the files manually from one system to another.

Mobile Friendly

This wireless router comes with an app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet so that it becomes easier for you to get all the features that the router has to offer on your smartphones as well. This is extremely easy to download and is usually available on the app store. It makes sharing and storing files a lot easier when you can access the app on your phone.


One of the major highlights of this new age wireless router is that you can configure the router to suit your needs perfectly. If you would like to save all the data that is shared on various devices connected to the router, you can have the settings saved accordingly. Similarly if you would like to have the files deleted every 30 days you could set that on your router as well and it will work according to what the settings has been programmed to do. Wireless routers make it convenient for every member of the family or every employee in the organisation to work with more convenience and do what they would like to on the Internet without the risk of a virus attack or losing any vital information.

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