OnePlus X Common problems users have and their fixes.

OnePlus X Common problems users have and their fixes.


OnePlus X common problems: OnePlus X is one of the most fantastic devices that are available in the budget segment. With its killer looks, the device can beat any other smartphone in the price bracket. And its top notch specifications help it top the performance levels as well.

But with all these positives, the device also suffers from some serious issues, that its users are reporting from worldwide. If you are one of those using the OnePlus X, then you must need to know about the below mentioned OnePlus X common problems and their fixes. Have a look.

OnePlus X common problems and their fixes:

Issue #1: MicroSD Card Problem

Unlike other OnePlus devices, the OnePlus X supports microSD card with its hybrid slot. Many users have reported that the phone isnt able to identify the memory card, and it seems to be a common OnePlus X problem. Because of the memory card not being detected, users are unable to read or store any kind of data on the microSD card.

If you are also facing the same issue in your OnePlus X, then there is a simple workaround to solve the issue. You will have to reformat the microSD card to NTFS format. For doing this:

After the formatting is done, you can eject the card from the PC, and use it with your OnePlus X. This quick-fix seems to work for most of the people who had reported microSD card problem.

Issue #2: Camera Issues

Some users had reported certain issues with their OnePlus X devices, like blurred photos or problem with autofocus. Although, the device comes with a pretty amazing camera setup, but these issues seem to be affecting a few users of the device.

The problem is from the software end and it can be solved very easily with an OS update. In fact, the problem was addressed by OnePlus and a patch was released quite soon. Those who are still facing this issue might not have updated their OS version. It is highly recommended to regularly update your devices for better usage experience.

Issue #3: Battery Drain Problem

After the company pushed the OS version 2.1.2, many users started to complain about the battery drain issue in OnePlus X. It was reported that the battery backup of the OnePlus X fell drastically right after the update was downloaded and installed on the device.

The battery drain problem in OnePlus X cant be solved right away, and OnePlus needs to release another update or patch to fix the same. As of now, you can revert back to the previous OS version to temporarily fix the issue, by the time OnePlus addresses it.

Issue #4: Overheating

Just like the battery drain problem, some people also reported overheating in certain units after the OS update with version 2.1.2. And yet again, there is no fix that a person can do to fix this overheating issue in OnePlus X. Reverting back to the previous OS version will definitely temporarily solve the issue, till this overheating issue is officially dealt.

Issue #5: App Permission Issue

There have been reports floating around the internet that tell us about the issue related to app permission on the OnePlus X device. Users are experiencing this issue with some of the most popular apps like WhatsApp, Spotify, Poweramp, and many more.

There is a simple and small fix for this issue.

So these are some of the One Plus X common problems and their possible fixes. If you are facing any other problem or have an suggestion please comment below.

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