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provides real-time and placement oriented dot net training in bangalore . Our dotnet training course includes basic to advanced level and our dot net course is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in bangalore as soon as you complete the dot net training course. Our dot net trainers are Microsoft certified and experienced working professionals with hands on real time dot net projects knowledge. We have designed our dot net course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal. In our Microsoft dot net training program, you will learn Microsoft MVC framework, asp .net, vb .net,, silverlight, Crystal reports, .net real time project.

Here in we are continuously monitoring and understanding the scope of dotnet for in software industry. Our trainers are more experienced dot net professionals and have worked with MNC companies. They will train each and every student of

to the next level. With our best training one can easily understand dot net and will be placed. Our trainers will be training based on the present popular technologies in dot net and they can be in touch all time for any suggestions and advice. We feel responsibility until you will be placed and can show you the best opportunities. want its students to settle in their career as soon as possible.

Part 1: .net framework and visual studio 2013

Chapter 1: Getting started with .net framework 3.5

1. Introduction

2. Architecture of .net framework 3.5

3. Components of .net framework

Chapter2: introducing visual studio2013

1. Installing visual 2013

2. Exploring the visual studio 2013 IDE

Part 2: c# programming language

Chapter 3: New features of c#2013

1. Identifiers and keywords

2. Data types, variables and constants

3. Expression and operators

4. Simple programming using c#

Chapter4: Flow control and exception handling in c# 2013 programs

1. Control



2. Exception handling

3. The try… catch….finally statement

4. Programming in flow control statement

Chapter5: namespace, classes, objects, structures

1. Namespaces

2. Classes and objects

a. Syntax of a class

b. Methods as class members

c. Access modifiers

d. Constructor and destructor

3. Structures

a. Access modifier for structures

4. Programming

using class and object


1. Encapsulation

2. Inheritance

3. Polymorphism

4. Interfaces and Abstract classes

5. Garbage collection

Chapter 7: pointers, delegates and events

1. Programming using


2. Delegates and Events


Chapter8: windows form in c#

1. Creating window form application

2. Adding controls to windows forms

3. Creating applications using


Chapter9: Introducing WPF:

1. Main features and architecture of WPF3.5

2. Using XAML in WPF 3.5 application, Layout, Content

3. Animation

and 3-D drawing in WPF Application


Chapter 10: introducing 3.5 and web form

1. New features of asp.net3.5

2. Structure of web site

3. life cycle

4. web page syntax

5. Application using

Chapter11: Standard web server control

1. Types of controls

Chapter12: Navigation and validation control in 3.5

1. The menu web server control

2. The tree view web server control

3. The Site map path Control

4. Required Field, Range, Regular expression validation controls

5. Compare, Custom, validation Summary Validation controls

Chapter 13: login and web parts control in 3.5

1. Introduction to login controls

2. Introducing web parts control

Chapter 14: Enhancing web application with Silverlight

1. Main features of silverlight

2. Architecture of silverlight

3. Silverlight and

Chapter15: ASP.NET3.5 Enterprise Applications:

1. ASP.NET AJAX Applications

2. ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit

3. Master Pages and Themes


Chapter 16: data access with ADO.NET

1. Introduction databases

2. Introducing SQL

3. Introducing ADO.NET

4. Describing the architecture of ADO.NET

Chapter 17:data binding in window forms

1. Basics of data binding concepts

2. Types of binding

3. Binding data to window form control

Chapter 18: data binding in ASP.NET Application

1. Data source controls in ASP.NET

2. Data


controls in ASP.NET


Chapter19: WCF services:

1. Introduction

2. WCF Architecture

3. Hosting (Creating Service and Client)

4. Biding, Contracts and Behaviors

5. Instance Management and Deactivation

Chapter15: asp.net3.5 and web services::

1. Introduction

2. Infrastructure of web services


1. Deploying Windows Application

2. Deploying WPF Application

3. Deploying Web Application 8

4. Deploying WCF Service



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