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Pflueger Patriarch Baitcasting Reel

We all love a good baitcasting reel. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh water fishing or salt water fishing, your reel makes all the difference. You don’t want to worry about the reel jamming and locking up on you in the middle of a drag or a cast. That’s why serious fisherman like the Pflueger Patriarch casting reel.

The Pflueger Patriarch reel is one of a kind. You won’t believe how smooth the reeling is. I guess one shouldn’t be surprised; it’s packed with 10 stainless steel bearings. Reeling in a catch has never been so fast and smooth!

With the line guide being made of titanium and the reel coated with titanium, the Pflueger Patriarch can handle a big catch. You have to love its weight too. It’s so light you almost don’t realize your holding it. Pflueger Patriarch reels come in two weights, 8.4 oz and 8 oz.

No need to worry about the big one getting away from you either because with the Pflueger Patriarch you get instant anti reverse and a one way clutch. The patented Pflueger Ultimate Brake System on this reel uses magnetic brakes and provides for 0% slipping. Once the fish is hooked, you got it!

Check out the different gear ratios for the Pflueger Patriarch. There are 4 versions of the Patriarch and they have 2 variations in ratio. You have the Patriarch 64 WLP and the 64 LP which both have a 6.4:1 gear ratio. Then you have the Patriarch 71 WLP and the 71 LP that have a 7.1:1 ratio. Get the ratio that suits you best. Your casting reel is like an extension of your arm; it needs to feel perfect.

The Pflueger Patriarch reviews speak for themselves. Hundreds of satisfied customers talk of there great experiences with the Pflueger Patriarch casting reel. Some claim it’s the best reel ever made by Pflueger. Some people are simply awe stricken. This is one reel that you must try!

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