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Operable genuine camera should also have terrible memory card.

A few days recently, Canon has left many surprised with the statement is developing a DSLR can take 120-megapixel sensor. However, there are many questions posed with this device, including storage problems. If you own a 120-megapixel camera sensor, you need capacity memory card how much is enough?

Eric Reagan from Photography Bay recently had the opportunity to touch the template of the camera “crisis” at the Canon Expo 2015 in New York. Known templates borrowing outside of the body, but Canon 5DS sensor is APS-H internal CMOS 120MP resolution.

Although this prototype captures only at ISO 100, but the RAW format photos were taken to try to see up to 210 MB capacity. And at this capacity, 32GB memory card can store only 150 RAW images on the computer, which means only one 1TB drive to store 4,700 pictures, indeed this is a figure that many people only think think the decisions taken in this format.

Thus, it seems the new memory card 512GB Lexar’s recently introduced soon promoting effect when paired with this DSLR.

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