Pinterest Button on Image Hover

How to i add Pinterest Button on Image Hover

No HTML is required for hoverbuttons; all you have to do is load the

JavaScript listed below. Once you have this installed, images should

show a Pin It button when hovered over. (If youre already running

pinit.js, just add the data-pin-hover=true attribute to the existing

SCRIPT tag.)

1. Go to your blogger dashboard>>Template>> Edit HTML2. and find the following code in your template code.

3. and put it just above your closing tag. (provided by pinterst).4. Click on save button and youre done..!!!Live

If you are already using pinterest pin it button then just add following attribute code in pinterest script tag.


You can see complete script above in step 3. If youre not already running pinit.js on your page, please visit the

to find out more about the Pin It button and the rest of Pinterests fleet of handy widgets.Lear more about

CSSbackground images, images that are under 80 by 80 pixels in size,

images that have the data-pin-no-hover=true attribute set, images that have the nopin=nopin attribute set, and images whose SRC attribute starts with data: wont show hover buttons.You can definitely still use Pinterest regular Pin It button, and we think these new hover buttons are pretty nice, too..!!

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