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Poll result : Three out of five Texans support secession if Hillary becomes president

According to the poll results 2016 from Public Policy Polling, almost three out of five Texans would support seceding from the union if Hillary Clinton becomes president. This clearly shows that Hillary would be the president as the poll results clearly show that Hillary becomes president.


Given that donald trump “wrote” the satisfactory-selling “commercial enterprise” e-book of “all time,” it’s surprising that hillary clinton in the previous couple of weeks has proven to be the better dealmaker in at least one case: how they’ve dealt with their most important political opponents.

The distinction between trump’s management of ted cruz and hillary’s approach to bernie sanders is telling.

Trump seemed to view the connection with cruz in terms of electricity dynamics. He did something he concept important to win brief-time period victories — affirming that cruz’s spouse became corrupt and, even worse in trump’s mind, un-horny; that cruz become a “very volatile” “pussy” who’s real first call was “lyin’”; and that his father palled around with lee harvey oswald and probable helped kill jfk.

Who could have imagined that cruz would bear a grudge? Trump seemingly concept there could be no repercussions because once he won, his competitors might don’t have any preference but to fall in line. That probably has been trump’s experience in life: the intense preference of human beings to be with the winner, or a billionaire, makes folks suppress their hurt feelings.

And remarkably, it pretty a great deal worked with different rivals. Trump changed into endorsed via little marco rubio (whom he mocked for sweating too much); ben carson (“pathological”); scott walker (“we sent him packing like a touch boy”) and rick perry (“he put on glasses so people think he’s smart.”) Dominance did cause submission.

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As far as we understand, he never made any precise effort to smooth matters over with cruz, or make him sense like he’d gained something.

Possibly that is a big business thing. For a huge corporation, if you take market share, you could exert power over providers. Even as delighting clients is actually relevant to huge businesses too, leveraging marketplace clout certainly can increase margins. Muscle works. Or possibly it’s only a trump element.

By means of contrast, Hillary’s approach to her important rival became one which trump probable might have mocked as vulnerable. Sanders withheld his endorsement, stayed within the race lengthy after he’d lost, saved making an increasing number of demands. But Hillary gave him one concession after any other at the democratic platform.

It enabled sanders to justifiably declare victory. She knew that psychologically, someone like sanders could not have invested so much of himself while not having gotten something meaningful for it. “i’m glad to tell you that at the democratic platform committee there has been a substantial coming collectively among the 2 campaigns and we produced, by means of a long way, the maximum modern platform within the history of the democratic party,” Bernie said in his conference speech.

In a way, Hillary’s technique resembled greater that of a small businesswoman (her father began a material save). As a start up guy myself, i have constantly assumed that any current competitor – irrespective of how loathsome — can be a future best friend, employer or worker. And with regards to contracts and deal phrases, one aspires to create wins for the man or woman on the opposite aspect of the desk, no longer due to the fact you’re smooth or generous but as it results in renewals.

Clinton has honestly been recognized to preserve grudges however she nevertheless considered sanders as both contemporary enemy and future ally.

At some point of the spring, the technique taken by the two applicants to their adversaries on the floor followed cool animated film gender stereotypes – the macho guy vs. Peacemaking girl.

But as the conference approached, the patterns reversed. For all her solicitousness of sanders, Clinton apparently drew a difficult line: in case you need to talk on the conference, you have to first endorse me. And he did.

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Trump, by using assessment, invited cruz while not having gotten that promise. It changed into a such an apparent error in negotiation tactics, that it seemed not possible that the writer of the art of the deal should have performed it. It led to hypothesis that perhaps it was a difficult ambush of cruz. I doubt it. I assume trump just figured that cruz had no leverage, and therefore could capitulate.

Part of good deal-making is reading human beings. Trump has constantly boasted of his ability to do this however he completely misread cruz, whilst clinton acutely understood what motivated sanders.

The outcomes of the 2 strategies have been on display at the conventions. In place of endorsing trump, ted cruz oozed “vote your sense of right and wrong.” bernie sanders declared, “hillary clinton will make an exceptional president and i am proud to face together with her here this night.”

Small corporations generally tend to care more about keeping relationships, creating new clients, in effect, growing new constituencies. In that sense, being a small businessman is extra like being a baby-kisser than being a wealthy person.

Perhaps the control style variations between trump and clinton aren’t so much insider vs. Outsider, but big business vs. Small commercial enterprise.

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