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Founded in 1990, Premier Group of Companies employs over 130 employees and administers over 100,000 insurance policies. They offer a range of specialty insurance (both personal and commercial), and are one of the ne of the front running full-service managing underwriting companies in Canada. In 2015, Premier Marine was acquired by the Co-operators Insurance Group.



Marine – Pleasurecraft Insurance

Covering all types of personal marine pleasurecraft, this group of insurance policies from Premier Marine is comprehensive and extremely customizable. If you’re seeking coverage on a jet boat, ski boat, power cruiser, sailboat or even platinum yacht, look no further than Premier Marine’s Pleasurecraft Insurance plans.

Personal Insurance (Multiple)

A true selection of specialty coverage offerings, Premier Marine’s Personal Insurance plans are varied and wide-ranging. These plans are primarily for those who are seeking insurance for their homes, but other types of coverage are available. Aside from high value homes, Premier Marine’s Personal Insurance suite covers vacant dwellings, renting dwellings, seasonal dwellings, mobile homes and even property in storage.



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