Protect and Encrypt Files with ProtectFile

There might be many instances where you would want to protect your documents, photos and videos while sharing or saving it in your PC. ProtectFile is a nice freeware tool for Windows which allows you to protect and encrypt files. You can protect any file or folder from unauthorized viewing. You can specify a password for the files such that whenever it is opened, the password is prompted to the user. The reliable and secure ProtectFile algorithm (AES-256) is used for data encryption and passwords are saved within the encrypted files.

Protecting files with password is pretty simple as the app integrates with the context menu in Windows. When you select protect this file option, you are prompted for entering the password for the file.

Once password is specified, the file is encrypted. The icon of the protected file or folder automatically changes into a lock so you can see which files or folders are protected by ProtectFile. Double clicking the Protected file opens a dialog where you can enter the password you protected the file with.


ProtectFile is portable and is optimized for working on removable media.

Download ProtectFile25


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