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Quantum Tour Edition Baitcasting Reel

Quantum has completely redesigned their baitcasting reels to be a more aggressive, lower profile, and highly detailed reel. Gone are the days of the heavy reels of Quantum’s past. The Quantum Tour Edition, weighting in at 7.5 ounces, is one of the lightest reels currently on the market. The attention to detail, high quality titanium scratch-resistant surface, and the only available carbon-fiber handle really make the Quantum Tour Edition reels stand apart from the competition.

The new design changes are not only skin deep, with one crank of the handle the smoothness of the new reel is immediately apparent. Held within the CNC machined all aluminum frame are 11 hybrid polymer-stainless steel bearings, that ensure that the Quantum Tour Edition reel will remain smooth well beyond the first cast. Quantum’s cast controlling ACS system, the most accurate spool braking system, is standard with an external dial on the Tour Edition reels.

Accurate spool braking and smoothness are important when casting to fish, and to reel the big one in, Quantum offers the tour edition in two gear ratios. The 6.3:1 gear ratio is the all around performer, while the “burner” 7.0:1 gear ratio reels them in quick. The Quantum Tour Edition reels equipped with the 7.0:1 gear ratio, also come with a skeletal “V” spool. The shape of the “V” spool allows line to set smoother at the faster line retrieval speeds of the “burner” gear ratio.

To help maintain control of the big fish, Tour Edition reels come equipped with a ceramic drag system. The ceramic coated drag disks, offer more consistency and better heat dissipation than standard felt washer drag systems. With all the improvements made to the Quantum Tour Edition baitcasting reels, they are likely to please even the most discerning fisherman.

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