Quick Rabbit Equipment Shopping Guide

Quick Rabbit Equipment Shopping Guide

It’s hard to do anything the first time even to buy rabbit equipment. What sounded like a simple shopping trip can turn into an overwhelming experience as you realize how much rabbit equipment is available and how many choices you can make. What supplies do you really need? What accessories do you want? How do you choose the right brands? This quick shopping guide can help you get started.

First things First The Cage

The most important thing you buy for your rabbit is its cage. Even if you plan to house-train your pet bunny, he needs a cage that he can call his home and shelter. You’ll have the choice between wire and solid bottomed cages. In most cases, go for wire. Rabbits have thick fur on their footpads and don’t mind living on wire floors, and it is actually much healthy for them, since they won’t be sitting in their own urine and feces. The

line of cages comes complete with a tray that slides underneath to catch the droppings.

You also need to pick a cage size. A pet rabbit needs about 1 square foot of cage space per pound of body weight. An

works great for single rabbits of dwarf breeds, and a

is ample size for a large bunny.

The Carrier

Taking your rabbit home in a cardboard box isn’t safe or secure. You should use a special carrier made for transporting bunnies.

Rabbit Feeding Equipment

Everybunny’s got to eat, right? There are two common ways to provide rabbits with pellets. One is the . This includes a tray that sits inside the rabbit’s cage to hold the pellets, and a hopper that sits outside the cage to hold an extra amount of feed. J-feeders are most commonly used by breeders who have several rabbits, because they can be quickly filled from outside the cage. The disadvantages to J-feeders are that they can be difficult to clean, and you need to cut a hole in the side of your cage for them to work. If you have a lop rabbit, make sure to buy a

to allow him to eat from it comfortably.

The alternative to a J-feeder is a crock or dish. This is a good choice for any pet bunny, as long as you get one like the

that attaches to the cage so your rabbit can’t tip it over.

Rabbit Watering Equipment

The big debate about rabbit watering equipment is bottles vs. bowls. Water bottles can hold more water at a time, and keep it cleaner. However, they can be a hassle to fill and some will drip. Most rabbit owners try both bottles and crocks and decide for themselves which works best for their bunnies and lifestyle. There is a good selection of both

and bowls at PremiumRabbits.com.


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