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Not only is a portable wireless speaker alone, Braven BRV-1 also possesses excellent water resistant to IPX7 standards (can withstand water at a maximum depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes) away which is associated with resistance to shock, extremely rugged “buffer” because the skin is very uncertain, the pit.

Established since 2011 in the state of Utah (USA), Braven crowded audio lovers worldwide known by specializing in producing portable speaker models with eye-catching designs are equipped with many exciting features and especially water resistance, shock resistance extremely good.

Video opener and rapid assessment portable speaker Braven BRV-1

Braven BRV-1 is also one such product. The speakers are waterproof IPX7 standards (waterproof to depths of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes), resistant to impact and shock. Braven BRV-1 is currently being distributed through the system in Vietnam SVHouse prices around 2.87 million.

To design

Right from the box, Braven BRV-1 has exudes aggressive with product images between the rays striking the water around in the front. US firms speaker was quite sophisticated in design packaging containers where the speaker can also open up into 2 layers to reveal the information explained in detail about the body parts on the speaker, status indicator or function buttons. You can also see the right part of the product out through the transparent box inside.

Accessories come BRV-1 is relatively simple with a strap that you can wear to the speakers in pairs, backpack, on the move, traveling, hiking. Next is a microUSB cable to charge the speaker or speakers used to charge other devices. Finally, a standard 3.5mm audio cable with two male head helps connect BRV-1 with the device does not support Bluetooth laptop, PC or music player.

The entire exterior of the BRV-1 was coated a fairly thick layer of rubber ensures speakers can fight well against any bumps. The frame is made from plastic loudspeaker very hard to make sure and not have any creaking occurring after when you squeeze hard on. Weight of BRV-1 is dress up, not too light and not too heavy, just the right size, small enough so that you can easily carry in those trips.

The front of the BRV-1 is a metal diaphragm is solid and reinforced with eight hexagonal screws for added durability. When you look closely can see the emergence of two speaker driver inside.

On the side where the layout of control buttons fill the increasing spread include the volume down button and power button play / pause. Button play / pause also doubles task is paired node, receiving calls (BRV-1 built a phone mic). While the volume up button will be able to go to or return to the next song when you hold.

On the underside, the speaker looks very aggressive with lots of small holes honeycomb and that is the gap to get the bass. The underside has 4 base is made of rubber to increase adhesion, stiffness for BRV-1 when the speaker is placed on a flat surface.

In the next 2, BRV-1 are arranged on the grip. They help hold the speakers add greater certainty as well as the anti-shock, anti-shock more effectively share. Besides must have a slot for you to insert a small red strap.

On the back of BRV-1 looks very fancy with a huge round cap looks like a key rotation. Unscrew the cap and the ports along the inside turn buttons appear include: button watch battery capacity remaining, to use the reset button to return to the default settings, a microUSB port on the line 5V-1A for charging speakers and a USB port typically 5V line -1A also used to turn the speaker into a backup charger for your phone, tablet (BRV-1 built a Member 1400mAh and according to the manufacturer, it can listen to music continuously for about 12 hours). Finally, a standard 3.5mm audio input for connecting BRV-1 with the device does not have Bluetooth.

The speaker also doubles the ability to backup phone charger, tablet

The cap on the back of BRV-1 have also been very careful with the surface to be coated with a rubber lining to help the country fight better. Inside there is an inscription on the lid are notably Design by BRAVEN in the USA, (roughly translated as BRAVEN Designed by firms in the US). This text is identical to the text Designed by Apple in California on Apple products. Of course, this speaker has been manufactured in China, but the quality of it, it has to be guaranteed in accordance with the strict standards of the parent company in the US

Ultimately, the design of Braven BRV-1 is definitely, absolutely rigid, so you can feel comfortable throwing it excavations without having to worry about reliability.

Water resistance and sound quality

To test water resistance of Braven BRV – 1, we have tried to embed it in a 5 liter bucket filled with water for about 20 minutes time (speakers still play music) and it still works fine without having any problems. You should remember to twist the lid tightly on the back of the speaker to get into the water can not be otherwise speaker will leave immediately if you make it “swim”.

The speaker is connected to the phone, tablet, or any audio playback device that supports Bluetooth simple like when you connect to a Bluetooth headset or between phones together.

BRV-1 also supports a number of features such as hold volume up button to move to the next song or hold the volume down button to return to the previous song, press the play button to pause or play music or receive calls even when there is an incoming call on the phone. The built-in speakers and a microphone so you can talk to always call or voice chat via Viber, Skype is quite convenient.

Regarding sound quality, the initial impression that the speaker volume is very large, it is possible to fill a room from 30 to 40 square meters, but when turning the volume up to max it a little bit shy.

With the song This Was Just Your Life Metallica group of treble and bass quite separate, relatively strong bass, deep, with force, strong and healthy, steady pace. This song is very fast paced and intense but quiet strip of speakers is shown neat and well controlled.

With other songs are softer Thank You For Loving Me Bon Jovi can find middle range (mid) Braven BRV-1’s pretty sweet, inspiring, Jon Bon Jovi’s voice sounded warm and clear.

Meanwhile, the high range of BRV-1 is also quite good and detailed. Electric guitar and piano are reproduced quite true however when shown the high notes in the song, it still leaves a bit harsh, harsh.

Music schools BRV1 relatively stable. Space music speakers quite airy, spacious, secluded good instrument to make sense of comfort to the listener.

In summary, with its compact size, convenient to take with you, to be able waterproof, shock-resistant, ultra-rugged good, sound quality is quite stable, Braven BRV-1 portable speaker will be extremely appropriate with you or go backpacking, go phượt, trekking or simply people who love to listen to music wherever you need a speaker and durable packaging.

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