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With upwards of 16,000 customers, the Royal Bank of Canada solidifies itself as a primary financial services institution. RBC offers their customers products ranging from life and health insurance to mortgage and loan protection, as well as home and auto insurance.



RBC Critical Illness

With two comprehensive, but very different plans offering critical illness protection the RBC Critical Illness policies are available to policyholders when they are needed most.

RBC Simplified Life

For affordable coverage and simplified needs, RBC Simplified Life is a wise choice of policy for many Canadians. There is the possibility of applying with no medical exam necessary; often a small questionnaire is sufficient for coverage acceptance.

RBC Guaranteed Acceptance Life

A plan with adults aged 50 – 70 years old, RBC’s Guaranteed Acceptance Life accepts all applicants who apply, with no health exam whatsoever. Coverage is limited to $25,000.

RBC Term Life

With term choices of 10 or 20 years, RBC Term Life is a suitable option for those who are seeking short-term life insurance. A highly affordable option with coverage limited to $500,000.

RBC Universal Life

For those looking to accumulate and build wealth through investments that are combined with a life insurance policy, RBC Universal life is a fine choice. Investment options are plentiful with this policy, and duration of coverage is for a lifetime.

RBC Mortgage Insurance

RBC’s mortgage insurance plan, named The HomeProtector Plan, was designed to protect your mortgage payments for your family, so that your loved ones can continue to live in the home you wanted for them. Coverage insurance up to $750,000 of an outstanding mortgage.

RBC Permanent Life Insurance

RBC’s permanent life insurance policy comes in two plans: Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance and RBC Term 100. The first offers guaranteed acceptance of coverage and a $25,000 death benefit with no medical examination, and the latter comes with guaranteed premium payments for the life of the policy (coverage up to $50,000).



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