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Recently, Sony has launched two samples subwoofer Extra Bass Headphones MDR-XB450 including MDR-XB950 and. The two samples is the upgraded version of XB400 and XB900 previous form.

This is the second version of talk mic and volume control buttons, compatible with Apple devices, Android and Blackberry. Reference price at stores Xuan Vu Audio ( of XB450AP is 1.625 million and 3.185 million XB950AP is.

On the box with the words ” Extra bass ” to emphasize that this is a subwoofer headphones.

Products include headphones only and no accessories at all.

The design of the two samples XB450AP and XB950AP quite nice and modern, aimed at young listeners dynamic and stylish.

Both XB450AP and XB950AP are taken headphones are made of aluminum swirl pattern characteristic of Sony. However, while there is a lot XB450AP youthful colors like blue, yellow, white, black and red, the color is XB950AP only two black and gray, colors, pretty quiet elegance click.

Sony MDR-XB950AP

Cushion headphones wrapped XB450AP a fairly thick layer of leather on the outside, rather thin line XB400 headphones old.

Unlike XB450AP- lower line headphones, earphones and the frame buffer of XB950AP are made of leather is quite soft and beautiful, feels extremely smooth and comfortable. Also, in the frame of XB950AP headset also has one component made of metal rather strange accent.

Both still have the form of flat cable tangle resistant, and anti-L jack off ground

In addition, two samples XB450AP headset and mic XB950AP is equipped with conversation and 1 button to receive / end the call.

Sound Quality

In the process of evaluating sound quality, we use the Sony Walkman source is the new A15 with lossless music Michael Jackson, Cher, Madonna and Daft Punk.

Previously, XB400 already known for powerful bass, extremely impressive, true to what Sony wants to emphasize in the Super bass (Extra Bass). However, many argue that this bass but with a lot of volume, but the quality is not good. Perhaps Sony has listened to it from the user and improves sound quality in this new product line.

The first is the improvement in the bass range. XB450 bass range is still ensure the quality with favorite band bass bass but has more power, hear the bass was slightly less than the XB400 power. Also accordingly, XB450 bass also neat and better control even when users listen to music with fast-paced, frantic.

Besides the bass range, two strips remaining medium range and high range of headsets is also significantly improved compared to the old model. Sound is too high and not sink than strip downs that have been pushed up and the finer details.

Thus, the sound quality XB450AP for balance and easy listening, helping users can listen continuously for a long time without getting tired. In addition, although a natural bass headphones, the sound of XB450AP has spacious than those previously subwoofer line.

Sony MDR-XB450AP

XB950AP  has been deemed worthy upgrade version of the old model XB900 and also upgrades XB450AP form. XB950AP bass beat of very compact, deep down, round, listening feel like shaking speakers are heard by civil.

Scores biggest change is that there XB950AP medium range than natural, full and detailed, with a range of other electronic medium than previous versions. After this stretch of improved sound quality XB950AP honest and inspiring to hear more. Accordingly high range also changes, brighter than the tinkling. Thus, spatial audio is also improved markedly, you can imagine that you are in a mid-sized bar and listen to the lively music such as Dance, Trance, …


XB950 and XB450 are two versions worthwhile upgrade, can make many changes from previous thinking on line subwoofer headphones (Extra bass) by Sony. Two samples are suitable headphones for listening to music lively, with fast tempo.


+ Fashion design, dynamic, diverse colors.

+ Much improved sound quality, suitable for the majority of ordinary listeners.


– Click on the bass sound quality may not be suitable for some people.

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