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Price: 1000$

Front loading washing machines Electrolux EWN 14991 W cage tilt Italian origin were evaluated point A on power consumption, maximum speed extractor 1,400 cycles / min – the highest in its class Electrolux is sold in Vietnam.

Other than the washing machine Electrolux EWF line (gate level) and EWT (door standing) are sold in Vietnam are mainly imported from Thailand, Electrolux EWN (line front door, cage tilt) to originate from Europe and line of luxury goods (nearly 19 million for the batch washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg), have sold quite common in the UK, Germany …

To better understand this washer, VnReview introduce detailed review of journal evaluation household products renowned British Which?

Electrolux Washing Machine EWN 14 991 W maximum speed extractor 1400 revolutions / minute. It also has a large drum with laundry mass 8 kg – up from a few years ago (version 7 kg and 6 kg).

The features:

– Energy consumption: A

– Efficient extractor: A

– Rotational speed extractor: 1400 cycles / min

– Washing Tub tilt: weight 8kg washing

– Function to adjust the time

– Water consumption: 64 liters

The first impression

This type washing machines look very solid and not less luxurious. Low and to shape with a very large door (hinged on the right). Control knob is fixed in the middle of the panel with easily understood symbols without a guide. With LCD display screen on the right, surrounded by silver function buttons. On the left, as usual, is to prevent washing and pour water softener. The shape and style of washing machines are generally preferred.

The shape and usability

I like the shape of a washing machine EWN 14 991 W. adjustable button with the icon are focused around design plus large information display panel made manual washing machine EWN14991W become the most intuitive. When you open the washing machine will emit a pleasant sound. The first time I saw this app on a Samsung washing machine, I think it is a bit strange but wasted and I do not mind and admit that it is very beautiful. The display vivid and often unnecessary, but it gives a characteristic for a washing machine.

With Electrolux washing machine, you can customize and save 2 washing programs and reuse through two favorites of washing programs.

Adjustment function of time (Time Manager)

Control panel

Time System Manager allows users to overwrite the program already in place, reducing cleaning time you want. Specifically, you set the washing program as normal, then you change your mind, want to reduce cleaning time down or can you not feel cool dirty laundry that needs full time cleaning, you can fully adjust decreased.

Or you were too depressed because Electrolux washer control of your time (sometimes up to every 2 hours)? You simply select the washing programs and washing time needed at will instead rely on the programs installed on your computer. For example, when washing cotton, you can wash the laundry for 45 minutes or 20 minutes in the aggregate only.

Currently, most of the washing machine Electrolux Time Manager features.

After removing the sheath, a quick guide panel mounted in the lid immediately instruct you how to remove the pin and washer pump connector. Easy to understand guide with many illustrations, there is even a website address with a more detailed video tutorial.

These drawbacks

Doors open wide but can back the better. Design shapes the front door with protruding may cause difficulties if the washing machine is placed in the right corner that opens a closet adjoining the front through the washing machine. If you encounter this situation, you need to measure the total volume of washing machines including convex door.

Washing clothes from the washing machine is quite creased compared with the Miele E 3740. This is due to the Miele honeycomb drum with extremely gentle for cleaning and washing clothes sticking to the surface of the drum. When milking is finished, clothes often stick to the surface of the drum. Some horizontal cage washer using contra-rotating technology is divided into two parts can rotate in opposite directions to help clothes sticking to the surface of the drum after milking. Now I am not aware of most of the washing machine after milking, clothing often stick to the surface of the drum or not.

Thermal units

From the perspective of an engineer, it is my favorite part is placed behind the heat and easily accessible when you open the shell plate behind the machine. Some parts manufacturer located in front heat up on the front panel controls should be removed every time you want to look at parts of heat – generally remove the panel is a complicated than removing the back plate shell machine.


Suspension and washing machine looks better than most cheap washing machines use plastic raw bar is covered lubricants. This suspension system as a silencer, actually it’s not perfect, if not made of plastic. If you want a true suspension material you have to pay a high price.

Two pumps

There is a normal drainage pumps and a circulation pump. Pumps are easily damaged parts with 2 pumps so as to make the ability damage increased. However, its advantages will consume much less water by circulating pump spray cleaning up batches throughout the washing program (feature Jetspray).

Weight 8kg drum

Open door, hinged right

This washing machine drum for weight 8kg washing can save some water, wash water and electricity is quite large. With this drum, you can wash blankets, bedspread large size.

How much cleaning cages with 8kg washing?

When I work I hope the sun is fully furnished and there is a problem when exposed all at once. You can wash many items at once with 8kg drum? This is a photo map was washed waiting exposure.

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