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At $ 499 (about 10.5 million; cost in the US), the IdeaPad Yoga 11 is a laptop 2 image processing for many objects used. Keep the 180-degree flip design flow yoga, Lenovo has switched to using Intel processors in Yoga 2 11 Petium to bring laptops transforms his popularity to the lower segment of the market.

Is this cheap laptop can cater to the needs surfing the web, watching videos and doing your office work?Factors that Lenovo had to make cuts IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 becomes a bad choice? Let’s come up with the initial assessment of Laptopmag to get the most appropriate answer.

To design

IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 retains almost all of the details of the soft lines of Yoga 11-inch models. However, due to a cheap model, version 2 Yoga class so no soft plush as the other lines of Yoga. Besides the traditional black, consumers can choose the orange and silver for the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11.

Plastic shell of the IdeaPad Yoga 11 is easily attached two fingerprints and dirt. Therefore, you should bring a towel factory in the long trips. Lenovo Logo at the back of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 shown clearly … low price of this laptop. Overall, the design of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 almost without a more advanced at all, except for the coupling body and an aluminum screen characteristics of the Yoga.

Have the same weight (1.27 kg), but IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 (29.7 x 20.6 x size 1.7 cm) is much thinner than the Toshiba Satellite NB15t (28.4 x 20 , 8 x 2.29 inches and weighs 1.27 kg). When used in laptop mode, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 has the biggest advantage in size (1.04 cm thick, weighs 544 grams), are too thick and weighs roughly 2 IdeaPad Yoga 11 when combined with dock screen (size 26.4 x 17 x 2.36 inches and weighs 1.09 kg).

Multiple modes of operation

In accordance with the tradition of Yoga line, the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 can operate in four different modes: Notebook (laptop usual), Stand (using the keyboard itself as substrates for the machine), Tent (V-shaped body folds reverse) and Tablet (folding keyboard behind the screen as a tablet-sized).

You can use the mode Stand in the area of ​​environmental restrictions such as on an airplane or PowerPoint presentations. Tent mode will help housewives and users who need quick reference information.

Overall, the IdeaPad Yoga second screen 11 will take about one second lag (delay) each time you switch modes. You will have to wait for a short time after the “morphing” for equipment to be able to continue to use.

Mode Tent

While the number of modes to use variety to keep users interested, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 no 2 keyboard “sink” than the body around like a ThinkPad Yoga will certainly cause discomfort during use used in Tablet mode.

The application exclusively for IdeaPad Yoga 2 11

Certainly, Yoga experience will be a lot more fun with applications suitable for each mode. Fortunately, Lenovo understands the importance of applications: tools built on the IdeaPad Yoga Yoga Picks 2 11 will automatically select and suggest downloading the app each time you switch modes used .

More specifically, a small message will appear at the top of the screen. Touch / click on this message will open a list of apps / games that you can download apps from the market

When switched to Stand, Yoga Picks will give you hints about the Outlook application, IMDB and Soundcloud. Tent When enabled, this application would suggest downloading applications such as MTV, Vevo, Spotify and CNN. In tablet mode, Yoga Picks will allow you to download Yahoo Weather and StumbleUpon.

Some games which is reserved for large AiO line (Lenovo IdeaCentre and Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Flex 20) also suggested in Tablet mode: Lenovo Roulette, Chess, Air Hockey and Lenovo Lenovo Tycoon.

While Yoga Picks is a pretty good idea, do not understand the reason Lenovo launched only option to download applications that do not allow users to activate the application from the Yoga Picks screen. Once you have downloaded the application by Yoga Picks suggests, this application will soon become useless.


11.6-inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels of IdeaPad Yoga 11 for 2 very brilliant colors, sharp detail and brightness pretty good. 1080p trailer of the film Cuban Fury comes alive with the colors green, yellow and purple on the dance floor brilliant. The little details like the light of decorative stone or blue shadows on the shirt of the main characters are also reproduced well enough on screen IdeaPad Yoga 2 11.

Angle’s IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 wide enough for two people can share a video. Colors in 4 modes of operation of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 not changed much. This laptop’s screen brightness of 348 lux, outstripping the average level of 265 lux ultraportable segment (super lightweight). Transformer Book T100 only 204 lux brightness, while Satellite NB15t only 135 lux brightness poor.

Features touch screen on the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 works quite sensitive and accurate. You can easily launch, switch applications from the touch screen of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11.

In the experiment of Laptopmag , IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 can only display sRGB standard color range 68% higher than the average 67% of the ultraportable segment and 61% of the Satellite NB15t. The ability to accurately reproduce colors of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 is not as good as expected: Delta-E scores of Yoga This form is only 6.6, although still better than average 7 (the lower the score the better) but still way too far from the benchmark 0. Satellite NB15t color accuracy is much better: 5 points.

Motion sensor technology Lenovo Motion

Not only touch screen and mouse / keyboard, IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 can identify moving through Lenovo Motion.

Once enabled Lenovo Motion, webcam IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 will automatically track your movements.According to Lenovo, this application can operate at a distance of 30 cm to 1.5 meters. During his trial,Laptopmag said about how it works best feature is about 45 cm Motion.

Features motion sensor’s IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 can be combined with popular applications such as PowerPoint, Windows PhotoViewer or own applications like Lenovo Yoga Chef. For example, you can move your hands before the computer screen to scroll photos and slide .. You can thumbs to pause or resume play video or PowerPoint presentations.

When viewing photos, you can raise your fist up or down to zoom in, zoom out. Once familiar with the gesture control IdeaPad Yoga 2 11, you will notice that Lenovo Motion works very fast and accurate. When combining this unique feature with Stand mode, you will enjoy an experience of impressive content. It can be said that Lenovo Motion is one of the brightest achievements of motion sensor technology on laptops in recent years.


IdeaPad Yoga 11 second sound does not even match the screen size is very small (11.6 inches) around.The speakers of this laptop does not even enough for a small room. At the distance of 60cm, the volume of the IdeaPad Yoga 83 2 11 decibels lower than the average level of 84 db ultraportable segment.

Keyboard and touchpad

Despite still being branded AccuType Lenovo IdeaPad quality keyboard on Yoga 2 11 not as good as expected. Chiclet keyboard design (square key, rounded edge) of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 layout is quite spacious, but with a depth of only 1mm press (less than the normal 1.5 to 2 mm of the laptop), 2 keyboard IdeaPad Yoga 11 feels press too hard and uncomfortable.

Worse, the IdeaPad Yoga 2 keyboard 11 also met subsidence area around the press too hard. With all this weakness, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 only 2 speeds of 50 words / minute in the trial of Laptopmag , lower than the average level of 55 words / minute.

Synaptics Touchpad size 9 x 6 cm 2 IdeaPad Yoga 11 for quality touchpad is sensitive and smooth. The multi-touch gestures such as drag-to-zoom, slipped three fingers are done very easily. Bottom of the touchpad slightly soft, but still can take on the role buttons left / right mouse very well.


After 15 minutes of watching Hulu videos, parts of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 touchpad temperature 29 degrees C; key row between reaching 33.3 degrees Celsius, while the lower body of the temperature reached 38.3 degrees C. Thus, the temperature of the lower body IdeaPad Yoga 11 has surpassed 2 can cause discomfort ( 35 degrees C), and so users should not put it on your lap for too long.


The videos and photos from 720p webcam application’s default on Windows for quite warm colors, but the details have not been as good as expected. In the photos by Laptopmag capture, the small details see blurring, loss of focus and a bit blurry.

Lenovo Camera Man applications for image quality and similar applications of Windows Live default, but with this app you can use a variety of frames and unique effect. Camera Man also allows users to use voice commands to photograph.

You can use the software Lenovo IdeaPad Veriface Pro comes with 2 11 Yoga to increase the security of your computer. This application will take a picture of your face, and after identification, you can use your face to log in instead of the traditional password.


On the right side of the chassis is the power button, volume up button lock screen orientation (horizontal, vertical) and Novo button to launch the screen backup, recovery of Lenovo OneKey Recovery application.The right side of the machine is also the location of one port and one USB 3.0 port miniHDMI.

The left side of the camera body is a USB 2.0 card reader, HDMI, headphone slot / port microphone combined with the power cord.


With Intel Pentium processor and 4GB of RAM N3520 2:16 GHz, 2 IdeaPad Yoga 11 is not a laptop configuration “crisis” but still can undertake everyday tasks with ease. In the experiment of Laptopmag , IdeaPad Yoga 11 could just open 2 video on Netflix, opened 6 tabs on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, just scan the system without any performance issues.

In PCMark7 benchmark, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 scores 2 1865, not by half compared to 4112’s average ultraportable segment. Transformer Book T100 Atom Z3740 processor with 1.3 GHz scores Satellite NB15t 2338 while only 1,458 points by only low-level Celeron processor 2.0 GHz N2810.

During the test drive, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 takes 2 to 2 minutes 14 seconds to copy 4.97 GB of data.500GB hard drive speed of 5400 revolutions / minute of the Yoga is only 38 MB / sec, 1/3 of the average rate of 133 MB / sec of the segment. 64GB of flash memory Transformer Book T100 only reach speeds of 25 MB / sec, while the 500GB 5,400 rounds / minute of Satellite NB15t speed was only 24 MB / sec.

IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 took 17 seconds to boot Windows 8.1, equal to the boot time of Transformer Book T100. The average level of ultraportable segment is 15 seconds. Satellite NB15t take up to 19 seconds to launch the latest version of Windows.

In experimental transplantation 20,000 names corresponding to the address on OpenOffice Spreadsheet, IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 took 16 minutes 19 seconds to complete, slower than the average 14 minutes 07 seconds to 2 minutes 12 seconds. Satellite NB15t very poor results for: 18 minutes 57 seconds, while the Transformer Book T100 even take up to 20 minutes 48 seconds to complete this test.


Intel HD integrated graphics on the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 not enough for you to play the game “peak” relatively old as World of Warcraft. You can only play casual games like Angry Birds or Duolingo on cheap laptops.

In 3DMark Extreme Ice Storm, IdeaPad Yoga 12 745 2 11 scores. Satellite NB15t only scored in one half of Lenovo products: 6141, while the Transformer Book T100 was only 9710. All 3 products are not reached 20 333 middle Bing.

In the game World of Warcraft, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 only 2 of 20 frames / second at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, Custom Auto (Auto). Both Yoga and 2 Satellite NB15t competing products (12 frames / sec) and Transformer Book T100 (19 frames / sec) are not reaching 30 frames / sec (the “playable”). The average level of ultraportable segment is 34 frames / sec.


When surfing the web continuously at 100 nit brightness (equivalent to 28% maximum brightness of the screen), the IdeaPad Yoga 11 reaches 2 to 5 hours of battery life 19 minutes, almost 1.5 times lower than average 7 hours 54 minutes.


IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 pre-installed applications that support users as Lenovo App Show Case (app) and Lenovo Support (contains links to manuals, user forums …). OneKey Recovery System application allows users to create a backup of your hard drive and restore if something goes wrong.

Lenovo also install some applications exclusively for Yoga lines. Yoga Companion app not only synchronize with the Ideapad your smartphone that can start calls from PC, share content from your computer via a message, the phone displays the files on Windows. Yoga Photo Touch allows to edit images, while Chef Yoga is a repository of recipes that housewives would definitely prefer.

Some 3rd party apps like Evernote Touch, Kindle or AccuWeather also be installed on the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11.


The trial version of the article has Intel Pentium processor N3520 2.16-GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive at $ 499 (10.5 million; cost in the US).

The most advanced version costs 799 USD (16.8 million, cost in the US) and is equipped with Intel Pentium processor N3520 2.42Ghz, 4GB RAM, 16GB solid state hard drive comes sshd drive (drive “hybrid “) 500GB.

Version 2 midrange IdeaPad Yoga 11 configuration is identical to the premium edition, but no hard drives and solid state drives using conventional HDD drive sshd instead.


Clearly, at a price relatively soft (500 USD), you will have to accept some unpleasant weaknesses of the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11. Computer keyboard with slightly less quality and the quality is not good speaker

as expected. In return, the IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 performance is quite good, bright display, brilliant and most important is the ability to “morph” characteristics of the Yoga. With this strength, we can say IdeaPad Yoga 2 11 is the best choice for laptop users hybrid tight budget.


– Many of the “metamorphosis” as other yoga products.

– The screen has good brightness, vivid colors.

– Adequate performance for the price range.

– Cheap Prices.

Weak spot

– Keyboard poor quality.

– Speakerphone poor quality.

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