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Headsets in this review were taken from our store headphones Xuan Vu ( with the current price is 2,215 million and 12 months warranty company.

Unlike in standard STH30 IP57 waterproof outer shell, the AS800 box in the right line “Waterproof” (Waterproof) on the box icon with water drops. In such a way to help users easily identify the resistance of the water over the AS800 STH30 because many people can not understand

means nothing.

According to the manufacturer, AS800 with standard IP58 waterproof (waterproof at depths of more than 1 meter). Part of the AS800 tubers headset is sealed, plastic imitation metal has brought the slick had extremely ideal weight is only 9g, well suited to the ear as sports activities. In fact, if you intend to use waterproof headphones while swimming, the AS800 is a more appropriate choice STH30 by STH30 design is quite open), while the in-ear type AS800, completely sealed to ensure the lead sound from the headset to the ear users.

AS800 is equipped with a ear hook is called Arc Supporters firm, helping fixed in ear headphones. Instead of being the ear hook up like normal, AS800 is fixed inside the ear. In addition, there are accessories AS800AP tip 3 pairs of small, medium and large size (S, M, L) to fit the size of each ear.

This headset is also equipped with handsfree mic, compatible with Android, Apple and Blackberry devices.Part of this mic is protected against water very carefully. Wire AS800 rounded but relatively good anti-tangle, headphone jack as gold plated L-shaped cut-resistant underground.

Sound Quality

We tried to listen to Sony MDR-AS800 with the source of popular music today is the iPhone 6, 5S and AP100 Hidizs player. Sony MDR AS800 small impedance and high sensitivity are compatible with conventional sources such as phones and music players.

When jogging, playing sports, listening to music … if your headset’s bass too weak superficial probably hard to create a good rhythm to lobby for it. Sony has realized this when making adjustments on the AS800 sound emphasis on the bass (bass). Power down well with bass music ‘-Lady Gaga Bad romance’ ‘. This is a great song to try bass, voice has power, has rounded.

Bass is not too much, but just a little bit more than the average, this is a great point of AS800. Initially we thought that the AS800 will have the same sound quality headphone line inserted subwoofer (Extra Bass) by Sony, the bass will be more volume without substance. But contrary to initial thoughts, AS800 does not make us disappointed. Bass neat, relatively good control even when playing fast-paced lessons have.

Middle strip of the AS800 is not backward, with details, not fuzzy like headphones tucked line subwoofer (Extra Bass). To assess the middle range of AS800, we have selected the song ‘Hero’ is presented by Dami Im. However, actually, the central strip nothing very striking, known equally.

High strip of AS800 be better, not missing, treb relatively light, but not up to the glare, so those who do not like the band can still hear. AS800 listen to a few of rock, jazz, acoustic BB King and Le Cat Trong Ly, we found a high range up to, just enough to create a bright, high levels of the guitar. Granularity is relatively good, especially when expressed electric guitars.

Music School of AS800 we also do not despair, do not know English. Space music is reproduced well, though not widely known is excellent but still make the distance between the instrument.


– Bass good quality, sound quality balanced, adequate pacing while playing sports.

– Resistant to water, suitable for swimming and not afraid to sweat damage the headphones during sports.Even washable headphones AS800 when dirty.

– There mic handsfree service.


– Mid-range is not impressed.

– Sound Quality Electronic colorful, not natural.

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