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In this article, we are pleased to introduce the first two basic pattern is XBA-A1AP and XBA-A2, can be considered as the upgraded version of the XBA-H1 and H2-XBA. According to the reference price on store Xuan Vu Audio headphones (, the XBA-A1AP are priced at 2.99 million, while the XBA-A2 is priced 4.99 million.

Anatomy of XBA-A1AP each channel includes 1 BA Driver (micro diaphragm technology) and 1 Dynamic Driver (common diaphragm technology), similar in form XBA-H1 ago.


Sony XBA-A2 consists of 2 BA Drivers (1 full-range drivers and 1 “tweeter super HD” for high range) and 1 Dynamic Driver 12mm material used liquid crystal molecules (Liquid Crystal Polymer) for advanced strip downs. Unlike A1AP, headphones XBA- A2 labeled high-resolution audio (Audio Hi-res).

XBA-A2 is classified as audio headphones high resolution (Hi-res audio)

Canned very elegant way, worthy of being an expensive product from Sony. Stay with such a design style but XBA-A1AP and A2 changes brought modern feel prices and stronger. Other special ear shell is made of rough should support more easily scratched H1 / H2.

Headphones Sony XBA-A2

Accessories including ear plugs and ear plugs Noise Hybrid exclusive offer comfort and efficient soundproofing.

Sample XBA-talk microphone A1AP compatible with iOS devices, Android and BlackBerry.

L jack wire flat against the ground breaking anti-tangle, in accordance with the design style of the previous XBA line.

Sony Headphones are produced in Thailand

Sony XBA-A1 AP

XBA-A1AP sound quality is much improved compared to the Sony H1 although still comparable price. A1 is characterized strip downs of Sony, strong, full and warm. But the details of each strip through the XBA-A1AP to do better. Mid-Range ago faded slightly, back and unnatural, it is now more clear and easy to hear.

In version H1, the high range also tends to slightly delayed, less blunt and sharp details, A1 has improved this, tinkling high range and finer detail. All these changes on the A1 provides a clear detailed sound quality balance, along with improved soundstage should make more music experience.

Sony XBA-A2

XBA line with tradition throughout the press relative to the bass range. XBA-A2 also has a product that Sony towards the users’ favorite bands powerful sound this exciting. Over the range from XBA-2, XBA-20, XBA-H2, strip downs with the major difference from more bass output that is unnatural on the net flow BA Driver to strip downs’ than the standard ” by Hybrid Driver on XBA-H2. By A2, the tonal range is not only an increase in the capital Back Categories Tang, but also need to increase the volume. This leads to the consequence that if one likes more bass output will fit, but whoever does not like it can be a bit overwhelmed.

Try with “All About That bass’ American singer Meghan Trainor, XBA-A2 shown impressive bass range, filling and full of energy. Feel clear when electronic drums pounding down. more bass XBA-H2 a little while showing the same music. French banks have the long, hard bass is not the kind neat common use of some form of technology Drivers BA. However, when challenged XBA -A2 with the bass beat very fast “Deathsquad Revolution”, this headset is not exactly perfect, but perfectly acceptable.

Next to the central strip, this strip on XBA-H2 quite blurry, heard a little unnatural. By XBA-A2 has improved a little, but not much. We can see this when listening to “Someone Like You,” Adele’s voice clearer, sharper detail and through the letter, however, still remains to be done well, and still hear the voice somewhat unnatural. If you are looking for a headset to listen to the vocals (the singer’s voice), the XBA-A2 can not be an option. Still difficult to require a headset perfect in every band sounds.

On the high range, tonal range is also customized for Sony increased quite a lot. Only in particular in terms of the amount of treb, we can say that from a high range of H2 faint band turned into a very bright high.Word hi hat / cymbal in the “November Rain,” the band’s Gun N ‘Roses on fresh and a lot brighter. English violin in “A Time For Us” listen and destroy skin, bright colors and more. When you listen to the Pop / Dance like “Wrecking Ball” is heard more exciting. It can be said that this high range associated with creating a quality range bass sound “V-shaped” very interesting, suitable for electronic music more.However treb volume increase can not fit more people.

Finally, the soundstage and detail, it can be said briefly that this section has been improved. This is understandable because usually when increasing the high range will be increased detail and expanded soundstage.

Mutual advantage headset:

–          Improved coated housing (sound box) provides durability and aesthetics higher.

– The Good soundproofing, buttons smooth, comfortable.

– Wire flat against disorder, anti-L jack off underground.

– Quality and press and release so easy listening sound, fit a variety of music, but especially the music as Dance, EMD, Pop, …

+ Sony XBA-A1AP:

–          There are many types of smartphone-compatible microphone.

– The whole band sound is improved, giving detailed sound quality and balance.

Sony XBA + A2:

–           bass range and high range is pushed to create a sound quality is extremely impressive ease.

– There are 2 types of wiring, easy and convenient alternative to pivot when used.


–           slightly larger shell size can be thrilling to some ears.

– Both models have not been good medium range, unnatural.

– Sony XBA-A2 has a high range up too much, some people may be unfamiliar.

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