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Sony has marketed a new line of Walkman player NWZ-A10 includes two sample Walkman NWZ Walkman NW-A15 and A17 differ only in memory. This product line is Sony first introduced at the IFA Wheelchairs place last September in Germany.

Two samples Walkman NWZ-A15-A17 and NW with large memory capacity, 16GB and 64GB respectively, but is equipped with a memory card slot supports up to 128GB expansion. This is the first Walkman Sony’s history can be expanded via memory card slot. Notably, Walkman NWZ-A10 is also stream music player is Sony has introduced the high-resolution audio (Audio Hi-resolution), the smallest in the world today.

Reference price in stores Spring Dance ( of Walkman NWZ-A15-A17 and NW respectively 4.49 million and 5.49 million, ie a difference of 1 million between 16GB ( Walkman NWZ-A15) and 64GB (Walkman NWZ-A17).


A10 Series Walkman products internationally without the accompanying earphones, USB cable only and paper manual. As for the Japanese domestic version A10 comes Walkman headphones Sony MDR-NC031 Noise and Noise Cancelling technology more (Noise initiative by reverse-phase sound waves).

Currently, genuine in Vietnam is being sold with two black and silver, despite the fact that A10 has 4 colors: blue, pink, black and silver.

To design

The front of the A10 is made of aluminum and so spin, the design features familiar in the Walkman line.However, if compared to the design of other Walkman models, A10 has changed the design of the buttons, feels more modern. However, during use, I found the buttons of the A10 for feeling a little heavy, not tempered and easily, this is understandable as the A10 is quite thin, only 8.7mm thick. Play / Pause key with a small rounded edges, so as not to look at the computer screen you can control the music.

The right side of the A10 was announced press the function key: Increase or decrease the volume, hold the lever to lock the keys. Immediately increase the volume keys also have a small circular edge. Besides the memory card slot, with a lid to protect the card and increase the aesthetics.

The back of the A10 is made of plastic instead of aluminum-front, so aesthetics are not as high as the Walkman model with all-aluminum shell as the old A840 Walkman. In return, the A10 will help smashed over, before the writer has used the Walkman A840, very vulnerable if there is a collision smashed.Underneath the chassis is Hard Reset button, this button has the same functionality as usual Factory Reset, precaution in case the machine fails / crashes not overcome by the usual way. Besides the product information: name and place machine manufacturing in Malaysia.

Field A10 is the company labeled “Audio Hi-res” (high definition audio). This is the 3rd Walkman labeled this company, which previously Walkman F880 and ZX1 in the premium segment. A10 has a slim design and is much lighter than 2 Walkman “Audio Hi-res” precursor. That is probably why Sony A10 is called the player Audio Hi-res smallest today and this is one of the most innovative breakthrough product line. A10 can play lossless audio formats popular now as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, CUE, … resolution 24bit / 192kHz, catsuit products or Fiio iBasso.

A10 uses the operating system (OS) for the pure line walkman player, so battery life is much higher than the F880 and ZX1 running the Android operating system. A10 up to 30h battery life when running 24bit lossless audio / 192kHz, this is really impressive numbers, over all current digital audio players, than the high-end models like AK120ii, AK240. Also, when playing lossly 128kps the A10 can play continuously for up to 50h.

A10 Walkman also some other interesting features is the ability to play music through a Bluetooth connection. Sony using Apt-X technology to enhance sound quality, fairly or if you have a sound system with wireless connection, or a headset / Bluetooth portable speaker. A10 also integrates NFC technology to connect the computer to the wireless audio device is simply a pass.

A10 still in its proprietary technologies familiar Sony has equipped with advanced walkman on the line so far as technology S-Master Digital Amp HX, renewable technologies bands sound is lost in the process compressed music HX DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), Clear Audio technologies, Clear Stereo signals help the two channels are separated clean and Clear Bass enhances the bass (bass) sound without distortion.

In addition, A10 also has some familiar features such as FM radio, alarm clock, card reader Podcast, browse photos and watch videos. In particular, A10 also supports learning English with reduced functionality increases the speed of the music – Lyrics, fast rewind feature, repeat segments. Channel SensMe feature automatically categorize music into different channels or play with time of day and even the mood of the user.

Some of the existing A10 except when used with latency operations, not smooth. And when listening to music with a memory card, sometimes the music is paused half a second before the next run.

Sound Quality

The writer will perform comparisons with Walkman music player iBasso A10 DX50 price range and NWZ-A earlier in the form of Sony in-ear headphones ATH high-IM03, IM04, IM02 of Audio Technica and Ostry KC06A .

A10 has a relatively clean background sound when used with Ostry KC06A sensitivity and low impedance without interference buzzing background.

About strip downs, its trials A10 with ‘Bad Apple !!’ ‘on the A10 and DX50. A10 for the bass range with more power than DX50. I can clearly see this, however, if compared with the old A line that I’ve owned the A846, the A10 has less bass.

Surely someone’s favorite sound quality Walkman has feelings for warm bass charming characteristics of the Walkman. But to version NWZ-A10, the bass has decreased slightly, slightly strange sound quality than a traditional, but with a slight difference is localized version Walkman NW-A from previously qualified bass quite like this.

Bass of the A10 is now more balanced overall sound quality, however, when compared with the majority of players have sound quality is said to balance the A10 still hit the bass a little bit.

Continue to try and DX50 A10 along with the fast-paced music, the bass blizzard or knitting classes in the Sound Tracks and Metal. Before you use your A846 is not satisfied the bass slowly, a little bit helpless so as to meet the fast bass segment is experiencing phenomenal little sticky. A10 has overcome this, the bass was more neat, but it does not have power and control with DX50.

Through the comparison point on the reader might feel A10 slightly less competitive compared to DX50. But not, of course, every product has its own strengths and weaknesses. Bass of DX50 but can now be highly technical, but slightly ” light ” when compared to the A10. Bass of the A10 with the leisurely point, creating a sense of fun bass, listening to love and impressive. DX50’s school of bass rustic nature and balance, composition more easily.

Mid Range  of funds from previous Walkman A no highlights too. A central strip of the old Walkman usually fairly neutral, slightly receded a bit. Less prominent than the bass and high range. By the A10, Sony retains trend of bands sound quality as this medium. A medium-range natural colored. When tested with female vocal song vocals typical ” My Heart Will Go On ”, seems like A10 reconstructed high-mid part better than Walkman A little old. Female vocal diva Celine Dion higher, the share of small details such as sound recordings breathing, mouth has written more clearly. Overall, middle strip of the A10 is pushed forward a bit more balance when standing next to low and high bands, detailed, and high-mid push up better than Walkman NWZ-A before.

Compared with DX50, said about the high-mid, DX50 represents the delicate, beautiful NWZ-A lot of detail is marginally better. However, when changing from, visible A10 somewhat thicker low-mid DX50.

High Range  – this is the part where A10 and DX50 are not so prominent. The Walkman NWZ-A10 Spanish capital has been known for high-moderate range, not too prominent. When listening to Walkman A846 writers also feel a little gentle treb this, although most people would like to listen to music can sound like and dislike treb high brightness range. But her for that, on an objective perspective and feel negative, the language of line treb A right old is the lack of energy. And so treb played a huge role in the expression of imaging and soundstage should sound quality depends on the relative strips. For A10, Sony has put into treb more balanced, lighter.

This writer is very interesting because it raised the A10 to a higher position, push up fine details, very clean sound treb – at the hotel, in. DX50 and A10 in the high range without too much difference, which range from high DX50 also quite peaceful. However, the difference with the A10 that DX50 is an expression of the sound in this frequency range, which is completely different from A10 are doing. DX50 brings a natural tendency, and colorful A10 of renewable sound quality.

Imaging and soundstage  of the A10 is a good point is accurate and Walkman A stuffy old. I’ve tested with several symphonies and new age found by the A10 expression of tonal range was wide open than ever to demonstrate better music space. However Walkman A previous capital can not be prominent in the music reproduction, even when compared with the iPod classic, so when compared to a player with the ability to express soundstage and imaging extremely publication DX50 features in price range as the A10 really have underdogs.


Walkman NWZ-A10 has changed significantly since version Walkman NWZ-A before. Sound quality was brighter, down slightly bass, focusing more on the balance of the tonal range. Sound quality is very similar trend on the audio player Sony Walkman inland. The fans are saying Walkman, Sony usually save the best for the domestic version, whether Sony has now more open, making the same sound quality of the local machine to share with the entire lovers Music around the world?

Sony Walkman iBasso DX50 and A10 have been two quite distinct sound. DX50 express natural sound quality, while close to the A10 and press and release the bands sound, sound quality brings more color characteristics of Sony. But sometimes can bring a sense of quality electronic sounds. Thus each player a turn towards two different audience.

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