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Cherished dream since he was 12, the inventor Seymour Keahi finally successfully made ​​special shoes, allowing humans can run at speeds up to 40 km / h. When Seymour accidentally see a show TV talking about Kangaroo species, the notes said: “It moved so efficiently using Achilles tendon as a spring”. “I thought: why not replicate in human attributes, thanks to a device, “he said. Then he began to outline his boots pattern, based on run of ostrich designs. At age 17, he created the first prototype furnace of products, using an old roller skating shoes, steel pipes bungee and ropes. Since then, more than 200 different test version launched. 25 years since the idea first flashed through inventor Seymour, a device that can push him forward at a speed of 40 km / h officially launched – Bionic Boot. “You really feel like superhuman, “he shared. After that success, raising hopes Seymour could push speeds up to 60 km / h. Electric actuators are expected to meet this challenge. Several important milestones in the development process Bionic Boot shoes .

This is the third prototype of Seymour, is made from steel and fiberglass mesh. Pillars at the heel is a steel tube, which is attached to a bungee cord. These boots wearers body lifting up 25-30 cm above the ground. Later on proven height gives added stability. Speed ​​when he was about 24 km / h.

To reduce the weight of the next prototype from 4.5 to 2.7 Kg, Seymour used aircraft aluminum instead of fiberglass. Springs were replaced with wire and a rubber tube.

Aluminum is completely replaced by carbon fiber. To secure his legs, Seymour chose rollerblading shoe style wire installation, instead of Velcro cord. In prototypes later, he remains the same but the carbon fiber reuse Velcro cord, and strengthen it with nylon rope.

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