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The trial of a russian guy accused of orchestrating a hacking scheme that targeted us pizza restaurants began this week within the united states.

Prosecutors allege that seleznev turned into the master hacker behind $one hundred seventy million worth of fraudulent purchases, that typically came about at focused pizza restaurants within the u.S..

As part of the case in opposition to him, seleznev allegedly additionally hacked into the restaurants, stole credit card facts, and then bought it thru underground darkish internet internet forums.


Roman seleznev, the son of a outstanding russian baby-kisser was arrested within the maldives in 2014.

While seleznev changed into arrested, federal retailers claim to have found a treasure trove of one.7 million stolen credit score card numbers on his computer pc.

Seleznev faces a forty-rely indictment that fees him with jogging a hacking scheme from 2008 till his arrest in the maldives in july 2014.

“the evidence will show that for seven years, the defendant become considered one of the largest traffickers of stolen credit card numbers in the international.”

Defence lawyers for seleznev had first of all argued that his arrest changed into tantamount to a kidnapping, or unlawful rendition and as such, had violated worldwide regulation, however a us district judge disallowed the argument from trial.

Seleznev’s lawyers have also stated that by way of searching the accused russian’s laptop without a warrant, seleznev become now not given due method and next records being used by the prosecution can also were altered or at once tampered with.

Marketers commenced on seleznev’s path in 2010 after a deli in idaho turned into hacked and credit card data was stolen, wilkinson said. The u.S. Mystery service and local detectives traced the hack to a laptop server in russia, he said.

Seleznev become indicted in 2011, however the sellers couldn’t arrest him in russia. But in 2014 once they found out he become on holiday inside the maldives, they labored with nearby police to arrest him on the airport.

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