Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 specsThe Galaxy Note 8.0 is quite new in the market and was released in 2013 around April. This tablet was made to support some of the features such as 4G (LTE) that have resulted in the advancement of technology.

Features: it has an 8 inch capacitive touch screen. This is different as most tablets out there are either 7 inch or 10 inch. Comes in two versions in terms of memory; 16 GB and 32 GB and supports a microUSD card up to 64 GB It packs a 2 GB ram powered by a Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9. A 0.2 ghz improvement from the Galaxy note 10.1. It has a 5 megapixel camera which takes video at @30fps. It also has a secondary camera, which is 1.3 megapixel, slightly less than the Galaxy Note 10.1 which has a 1.9 megapixel front facing camera. It has the basic connectivity such as Bluetooth, wifi and an added advantage of an infrared port. It also has a sim card slot. In terms of network support this tablet is better than all the Samsung Tablets as it supports 4g connectivity as well.

This tablet comes with a dedicated stylus. The Samsung Galaxy “Smart Stylus” has become a big plus on its Note devices. It packs a lot of functionality and does loads of function just as the stylus of the .

This tablet is for those who want to have the features of the but on a smaller sized screen. It’s for those who think a 7 inch screen is too small and a 10 inch screen is too big; as it’s just in the middle. So one has a choice whether to get the big size or small size of the Note devices, or even both for those who love tech. The tablet is available in online stores such as

Another great post! Thank you Dean, it makes me want to try it …

For my part, I have never bought samsung because I think they have always been misplaced in terms of price (too expensive to the concurence)

Seriously this tablet is great but the sale price is still expensive. Samsung sells 349 and now that the Nexus7 (which is the reference anyway) has fallen in price, 299 would have been better in terms of placement for this GN8.

The latest tablet from Samsung comes in frontal combat with the iPad Mini with success.

Another good and full article, as usual;-) For info it is far better with an alternative rom, the rom by default has huge icons, is really bad, graphically speaking.

The latest tablet from Samsung comes in frontal combat with the iPad Mini with success.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, positioned as a direct competitor of the iPad Mini. In my opinion, thanks to its good hardware configuration and with numerous innovative features, this tablet is ideal for working and leisure.

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