Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked images and possible specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked images and possible specifications.


Samsung galaxy s6 leaked images and possible specifications: Tech lovers have kept their eye on mobile world congress. Specially Samsung lovers are eagerly waiting for next flagship device from Samsung. As expected device is named s6, successor of previous model Samsung galaxy s5. Unfortunately galaxy s5 was a big flop last year flagship device race. Htc sony and lg are much more praised. Although there is still some time left in mobile world congress but still many leaks about Samsung galaxy s6 are present in the market. So if you are Samsung fanboy take a look at some Samsung galaxy s6 leaked images and specifications.

Samsung is criticized for poor build quality and UI. But this time Samsung has promised that

Samsung Galaxy S6 expected specifications

Processor plays the biggest role. Samsung has confirmed that galaxy s6 will be powered by Samsungs most powerful chipset this time. We have also heard that Samsung wont be using Qualcomm chipset. Instead they are going for Exynos 7 octa solution

Camera: If you are photography lover then I must say galaxy s6 will have an amazing camera. Samsung recently revealed that this time camera will be much simpler to use with no useless modes.

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