Samsung preparing produce flexible displays for S7 and Galaxy Note 5 |

Samsung preparing produce flexible displays for S7 and Galaxy Note 5

S6 and S6 Galaxy Although Edge has not officially on sale, but according to a source from South Korea, the Samsung Display has made moves to prepare for Samsung Galaxy S7. Expected to be released Galaxy S7 quarter 1/2016 point is equipped with flexible displays.

According ETNews page, Samsung said to approximately 8 million plastic screen panels per month for smartphone Galaxy S7 when it began to be put into production. To respond, Samsung Display must be overhauled and expanded factory largest screen and convert its production process from glass into polyimide.

Samsung Display prepared produce flexible displays for S7 and Galaxy Note Galaxy 5

Polyimide is a polymer commonly used to produce flexible OLED display. The production process is very difficult material and Samsung have yet to find a solution to meet the needs. The process of renovating the manufacturing process is expected to be completed in August.

“There may not be extended by Samsung Electronics announced that they need 8 million sheets per month for flexible displays S7 Galaxy”, an unnamed official of Samsung Display sharing.

In addition to version 5 ordinary Galaxy Note, Samsung will likely launch a variant Note 5 plastic screen. Scheduled product launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be released in September this year.

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