Sanhok PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.0 and PUBG Requirement —

With the third update down the line which has a brand new map called ‘Sanhok’. Tencent has now made the download of maps independent keeping the size of the game in mind. You can now download only those maps that you want to play.

Sanhok: It’s a Hawaiian rainforest map with a lot of vegetation, resorts and monuments. Moments after landing  you get 10 apples to throw at each other assuming its  just for fun. The new places that have been added are as follows;

Bam thaiCamp-AlphaHa TinhTambangRuinsBootcampParadise ResortTat MokKhaoMongnaiCamp BravoBhanQuarryLakawiKampongDocksCaveCamp CharlieShameeNa KhamPai Nan

Of all these places, people seem to love Boot Camp and Paradise Resort with a lot of loot and open areas.

The map also has ‘Fornite’ kind of feel to it. You might get that once you start playing on the new map.

While roaming around you can gather loot easily. There are a lot of open space where you can find exotic items easily to enhance your time while you’re at the game.

New items, Weapons and Vehicles

The update includes a lot of new items list which makes the gameplay more addictive and fun.

Flare Gun: It’s a rare item which you can use to call for help if you are stranded outside the play zone. Flare gun will give you a Bulletproof UAZ 4 seater vehicle and a super airdrop.

Duckbill: Good news for shotgun lovers as this attachment will reduce the vertical spread and increase horizontal spread.

Muscle Car: This is also a 4 seater car more with a convertible top and a hard one to protect the player from bullets.

QBZ: This weapon is the new beast and has both single shot and automatic option. The gun uses 5.56mm rounds which deals a great damage

Bulletproof UAZ: A 4 seater vehicle which can only be obtained by using a flare gun.

New features

Pick-up settings are now customizable with specified quantity option.More achievements under the missionAll new clan features like UC cash sharing, clan titles are directly equipped.The anti-cheat plugin has been improved

With all these features people are going to spend hours and hours playing this game.

PUBG Requirement

With all these updates the game is still running smooth across the compatible devices with minimal freeze and glitches.

Minimum PUBG Mobile Requirement for Android

OSHigher than 5.1.1 RAM2GB

Minimum PUBG Mobile Requirement for iPhone

iOS9 or lateriPhone5S or neweriPadiPad mini 2, iPad Air or newe

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